Qin and han dynasties figurines grand glory _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-19
Core tip: powerful qin and han dynasties, it is a milestone in the history of the development of small sculpture in China. Was born at this time many small sculpture masterpiece filled history, qin qin shihuang terracotta warriors, the han dynasty have giant benevolent powerful qin and han dynasties, is a milestone in the history of the development of small sculpture in China. Was born at this time many small sculpture masterpiece filled history, qin qin shihuang terracotta warriors, the han dynasty have giant benevolent stone carvings. Qin and han dynasties prosperity, deep pockets, skillful craftsman gathered in the capital, build a grand palace and the mausoleum for countries. Small sculpture as an important part of the palace mausoleum, is carved on a large scale. Small qin and han dynasties sculpture is divided into today small tomb sculpture, clay carving and sculpture, the modelling of small sculpture composed of powerful, smooth lines, fine with the majesty of the gas. Stone rhino qin shihuang built a symbol of the strong and eternal large palaces, and matches by giant who small sculptures, keep in four weeks. According to the literature, in 221 BC, qin shi huang life skillful craftsman made 12 five high tong ren, in Epang Palace before the hall. To pacify xiongnu's leading WengZhong casting a giant statue, in xianyang palace gate, sima as a souvenir. Ancient documents and records, qin dynasty WeiShui bridge has a strongman Ben stone, meng Li Bingzhi son in dujiangyan carved three and five stone statue of golem rhinos, used to suppress the river, the water demon. Tang dynasty poet du fu wrote a 'Shi Xixing', also from the poem shows there are three stone rhinoceros in the tang dynasty. In the han dynasty period, there are many types of small sculptures, besides characters and common animals, also joined the myths and legends of benevolent and flower plant image. Today of the han dynasty inherited the grandeur of the qin dynasty, and in detail depiction of some development. Benevolent subjects are common in han dynasty, also equipped with all kinds of characters and images. Han dynasty popular construction giant stone and bronze at the gate of the today, small remaining from the sculpture is visible in the han era of vigorous. The qin dynasty palace according to the record, western han dynasty casting sweat BMW bronze in weiyang palace office door, on the weiyang palace gate house also cast with bronze dragon, in dongfeng que QianDian JianZhang palace has two cast. In 120 AD, emperor for training conditions, a large pool in southern metropolis, called: kunming pool. The things on both sides of the pool built the gigolo knit the giant statue, very spectacular. Archaeology in chengdu bing of dujiangyan also found during the eastern han dynasty stone, modelling of primitive simplicity is elegant, character expression sculpture is very vivid. Rich two generations, qin and han dynasties, the prevalence of lights, the mausoleum of culture, the mausoleum is considered to be after the death of another place of roost. Therefore, the qin and han dynasties aristocratic do not hesitate to pour into a large amount of manpower and material resources, to build large tomb. Qin shihuang had started to build large tomb for himself in the mount li, apart from the internal structure of the mausoleum in the wonderful artical excelling nature, single ShouLing huge stone beast is breathtaking. Han dynasty inherited the qin dynasty also beasts custom build tombs, stone carving by animal forms, phyletic and various, carver is exquisite. Han dynasty aristocrat tomb built at hall and stone que, stone carvings and statues have also set up who sex to richly and strong momentum. Small sculpture relics of the han period are: shanxi city solid tomb zhang qian long wings of the beast, jinghang canal the eastern han dynasty in shandong Wu Shici shishi, henan nanyang han dynasty RuNa satrap tomb day Paul beast and evil beasts, and so on. The han dynasty stone carving animal figurines are also associated with the tomb, but it was the kind of small sculpture sui generis, has a unique artistic charm. We are most familiar with the 'emperor qinshihuang terracotta warriors', currently unearthed terracotta warriors, it is the treasure of China. This batch of the Terra Cotta Warriors modelling accuracy, the human body proportion coordination, vivid facial expression, as a whole seems to be a kind of Oriental elegance. The han dynasty also has a clay carving, though not as elegant and atmosphere, qin shi huang terracotta warriors but also has the feeling of chic and delicate. Small han dynasty figurines carved a beautiful curve, good manners, and puppet emperor qinshihuang terracotta warriors of the qin and han dynasties carved prosperity. Our little DiaoSuShi long and legend, among them there are innumerable stories, also contains the Chinese civilization, make these coming from the depths of the history of art treasures to send out the breath of civilization. The han dynasty stone beast
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