Qin and han dynasties bronze statue of the appraisal _ little skill

by:Ennas      2020-06-10
Core clew: qin dynasty bronze ware shape of the main features are: the tripod with two handles for the round flat abdomen, the three short foot foot, have higher than on the surface of the cover two ears, abdominal cover casting three-ring button. Eka cesium Lu top cover of shape, abdomen 2 shop on the first. Yi as the main features are: deep abdominal qin dynasty bronze wares tripod as a round flat abdomen, the three short foot foot, have higher than on the surface of the cover two ears, abdominal cover casting three-ring button. Eka cesium Lu top cover of shape, abdomen 2 shop on the first. Yi deep belly, flat. Mou oblate belly, round bottom, the size of the abdomen with symmetrical ring ears each one. Most of these bronzes for element face, or on the tripod is abdomen only act the role of a string. Another worthy Qin Quan and qin come down more. In short, qin dynasty bronze ware in modelling and pattern of simple features. Han dynasty bronze ware, ding with circular and covered, the folding of the mouth, ears, three short horse shoe. Round pot in the han dynasty called 'clock'. The western han dynasty the clock round drum abdomen, short neck, waist cast a string called first. When the eastern han dynasty pot of some increase in chain beam. Square pot in the han dynasty is called 'eka cesium. Wine bottles to make drum abdomen, three short foot foot, flat or round bottom, abdominal wall there are two or three ear ring shop first. Copper ear cup, how oval shape, flanked on each side by a half moon's ear. Feeder in the ð ¨ + “ bucket, a round belly, three feet, have a long handle in the side of the abdomen, handle the first often into the mouth of the dragon Han dynasty bronze lamp quantity many, of the lamp shape, important has bean shaped lamp, wild goose feet light, human-shaped lamp, cows, sheep type lamp lights, phoenix lights, animal head lamp, and make the tree more lamp and so on. Han era of boshan ship the furnace shape is commonly semicircle, have carved mountains form after abdominal points of cover, the mountains are embossed with the birds and beasts; The following common plate. Iron is the western han dynasty era began some bronze ware, iron for the round belly, wide mouth along the ventral side of a long handle. Some iron with 'iron straight garment' inscriptions. Han era characteristics and style of bronze ware in remote areas. Of the huns in the north and east Hu Zu valuable. such handiwork animal grain copper ornaments, decorated with ornamental holes and all kinds of animals, animal lines have horses, cattle, sheep, dogs, deer, tiger, leopard, etc. , many animals are very vivid images. In southwest sichuan, yunnan, guizhou, and guangdong, guangxi, hunan region minority tonggu, modelling basic assumes the circular mound shape; Drum body is made up of three parts, from top to bottom in turn for bulge drum, the trunk of the middle for the concave waist drum, to keep up, and the trunk of the waist junction cast symmetrical double ears. Cast bronze drum hollow bottomless, raised the center with sun wen, some raised embossed with a frog or cast out the horse's image. On raised and drum are often decorated with YunLei grain, cheung deer, boatrace grain, thefeathermen dance lines and so on. Yunnan culture of yunnan copper reserves, shape is like a drum, it is the purpose of the currency. In terms of bronze weapons, especially at the beginning of the western han dynasty, the bronze weapons casting morer, has a sword, crossbows, machine, spear, arrowheads, etc. Copper arrowheads in shape are mainly three prismatic and cylindrical and tube to take shape. In the form of copper character shape still follow the pre-qin. Official seal, private, diversity of writing on the font. On the new system button nose, bridge toggle button, turtle, snake button, tile toggle button, fish and so on. Han but then began to have a unified system. In a word, ancient bronze ware extremely rich content, mainly implements USES daily life use device is given priority to, in the era of artifacts on the characteristics of a strong showing style.
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