Puzzles are selling crazy at home and abroad! Seize the opportunity to stock up on 2020 new products~

by:Ennas      2022-01-14
Previously, data released by the NPD Group showed that in the week ending March 21, games and jigsaw puzzles increased by 228%, while eBay’s hot-selling products during the epidemic period had an increase of 1395%. Domestic Tmall data also showed that sales of puzzle categories increased by 148.8% year-on-year in March. Jigsaw toys can exercise children's memory and logical thinking ability. They are also very good parent-child interactive toys. At the same time, they are also popular decompression tools for adults. No wonder they are favored by consumers. Recently, various toy manufacturers in the Chinese market have released a series of new jigsaw puzzle toys, involving different levels of difficulty, which can kill adults and children. You can consider stocking them. 01 The systematic design of advanced training jigsaw puzzles allows children to gradually improve their comprehensive abilities. Advanced jigsaw puzzles systematically improve children's logical thinking ability, reasoning ability, cognitive ability and other abilities through the design of the number of puzzles, puzzle shapes, patterns, etc. Original illustration style patterns can also cultivate children's perception of aesthetics. Djeco Advanced Jigsaw Puzzle Series: Pay attention to the successive improvement of different dimensional abilities. Djeco’s Advanced Jigsaw Puzzle Series includes from 3 to 16 single puzzle pieces without background. The core of the advancement is not the number of pieces or the complexity of the puzzle, but the focus on children. The ability of logical reasoning takes into account the development of other abilities. At the same time, brightly colored patterns are also conducive to enhancing children's aesthetic appreciation, suitable for ages 2-4 years old. Milu Advanced Educational Jigsaw: From simple to complex, step by step, to fit the law of children's intellectual development. The series of jigsaw puzzles from 2 pieces to 247 pieces, from simple to complex, with a total of 23 difficulty levels, step by step, to fit the law of children's intellectual development , The themes cover animals, four seasons, natural scenery, transportation, life scenes, etc., while gradually cultivating children's logical thinking ability, the original illustration style enhances children's artistic perception. The suitable age for this product is 1.5-7 years old and above. Meile Childhood Reading Step Educational Puzzles: Segmented by age, targeted training children's abilities. This series of products is suitable for children between 1.5 and 7 years old. Starting from 1.5 years old, every 0.5 years old is a stage with 3 puzzles for each stage. Each training has 1 ability, a total of 11 levels and 33 sets, which are divided into three stages for 1.5-4 years old, 4-6 years old, and 6-7 years old to improve children's multiple abilities step by step. In addition, the product is also equipped with reading pens and picture book textbooks, allowing children to learn knowledge about each puzzle theme through reading. 02Parent-child puzzles. Parents and children interact and assemble to enhance space imagination. Compared with flat puzzles, 3D puzzles are more difficult to assemble, but more interesting, and suitable for parents to accompany their children to complete, cultivate and exercise their children. Space imagination. Ruisi 3D puzzle Porsche 911R: a shocking mechanical sports car. This product is based on Porsche's limited-release manual transmission 911R model. It contains 108 plastic pieces, which attracts the attention of boys. The product uses hinge-like pieces to stabilize the jigsaw structure, and the connection is stable without bonding. Parents and children can easily complete it together. It is suitable for children over 10 years old to play. Pinku 3D metal puzzles are full of wind: feel the charm of Datang architecture. This product is made of brass and contains 215 metal parts. It has a sophisticated structure and rich details. It shows the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty. It is suitable for children over 14 years old. Assembling. Since the metal parts are relatively thin, the self-contained tools must be used in the assembly. Parents need to guide the children in safe operation and complete the work together with the children. Le Cube 3D puzzle National Geographic series of Beijing Temple of Heaven: understand the structure of ancient buildings and rich history and culture through assembly. This product is authorized by 'National Geographic' and contains 111 pieces, allowing children to practice a surface building from the plane. The wonderful transformation to three-dimensional, this product is suitable for children over 8 years old to play. In the assembly process, parents can not only give their children assembly instructions, but also read the accompanying traveler's visual magazine with their children, so that children can learn about the history and anecdotes of the Temple of Heaven. 03Adult puzzles that increase the challenge and sense of sharing are not all children's toys. Toy manufacturers such as Ruisi have also launched new puzzles for adults. Compared with children's puzzles, adults have more puzzles and have more difficulty coefficients. It has also been improved, and it is easier to stimulate adults’ desire for challenge. After the completion of the puzzle, some frame tool designs increase the sense of accomplishment of sharing. It has become an ideal choice for modern young people to relieve stress and relax after work. . Djeco Gallery Puzzle Magic India: Multi-color puzzles increase the difficulty and decoration. Djeco Gallery puzzle series, with 1000 pieces, makes the assembly process full of challenges. A poster with the same size as the puzzle is included, which can be carried out during assembly. Contrast. After the work is completed, the puzzle can be framed and used as a decorative painting to make the home full of exoticism. Le Cube 3D three-dimensional jigsaw turns IP powder into jigsaw powder, increasing interactivity. The first batch of Harry Potter fans has grown up. The latest Harry Potter authorized Hogwarts castle jigsaw by Le Cube attracts these fans accurately. , The entire series includes 10 products with difficulty ranging from 289 to 500. In order to take care of new entry players, each piece of puzzle is specially designed with an independent number to help Harry Potter fans easily transform into puzzle fans and interact with fellow players.
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