'Puffy' portrait statuette at central

by:Ennas      2021-10-08
Core tip: figure: portillo 1992 works 'Europa plunder' yerba buena Hong Kong contemporary art figure 'portillo in Hong Kong' for outdoor statuettes show in Hong Kong yesterday, central waterfront space for graph: portillo 1992 works 'Europa plunder' yerba buena Hong Kong contemporary art figure 'portillo in Hong Kong' for outdoor statuettes show central waterfront space in Hong Kong yesterday held a press conference and media guided Tours. Portillo ( Fernando Botero) From 1982 to 2003 nine pieces of copper figurine works. 'Portillo in Hong Kong' by the Hong Kong yerba buena, contemporary art Central Venue Management ( CVM) And jointly launched 'portillo in China'. Is after three months of exhibition activities planning preparation, Hong Kong became the third leg after visiting Beijing, Shanghai, also is the last stop. Artistic style pioneered 'portillo type' yerba buena, managing director of contemporary art in Hong Kong Alberto Annesi said: 'this time for the Hong Kong audience bring the public art exhibition, we feel very happy. Mr Portillo is recognized as important living master of art in the world, believe that this exhibition can add colour for the Hong Kong public contemporary art project. '' portillo in China' exhibition director Juan Montana on choose Hong Kong as a tour of the third leg of the reason, said Hong Kong is a very important and very special international metropolis, artistic atmosphere. Portillo of artistic language is global, he works of art on display in the world, get the response the audience from the heart. Portillo, the son of Fernando Botero Zea and daughter Lina Botero Zea attended the opening ceremony. Lina is introduced to the media: 'it's a pity that his father because of body reason not to be present, he still insisted on positive creation. Is a touring exhibition hope more places, more people can enjoy the father's work, hope that art can be more internationalized. Portillo was born in 1932 in medellin Colombia, teenagers don't group of its artistic style. Portillo created in their own name, the landmark of obesity artistic image, on the painting's success did not let him stop there, but will continue to enrich 'portillo type' style development, on the basis of painting, build up more diligence figurines of the world. Character figurines to convey the beauty of nature portillo shape the statue? Color is not much, more is the natural material color to give priority to. Portillo said: 'small statue to convey the beauty of nature, if people go into, experience the joy of creating beauty and figurine, touch the form, then the artist has made important achievements. 'Portillo before becoming figurines home, the first is a painter, and the 2 d plane painting image into a three-dimensional image, must give up some elements, retain more valuable part. Such as his 1999 work 'cat' big, fat, without too much modification, image subjective, concise, more abstract, pure. Portillo female statue of plump, expansion, don't need props, scene foil, still can let the viewer feel figurines in emotion. Portillo 1982 'woman torso' retained the main part of the torso, form a broad, like great mountains, rendering between figurative and abstract image characteristics. And his 1987 work 'smoking women' is one of the most famous statuette portillo, rich women raised his head, huge body with the hand small cigarette, highlight the large size. June 3, Today) 6 in the evening at the university of Hong Kong NiuLu poetry 2 floor KB223 room, will also be a director of the Hong Kong museum of art 22 ( Florian Knothe) 'Hosted by Fernando Botero: The Celebration of Life' special lectures, by Lina Botero Zea and Juan Montana in English speaker. Email: booking info @ parkviewarthk. com。
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