Protect city figurines can do

by:Ennas      2021-09-19
Summary: since the day of shenzhen people after completion, as the city's economic and cultural development, more and more city streets have sprung up in shenzhen figurines, figurines which makes city planning, tube after completion day of shenzhen people, as the city's economic and cultural development, more and more city streets have sprung up in shenzhen small sculpture, it also makes the figurines urban planning, management, and some problems in aspects of system construction, gradually revealed. Public money should participate in the creation 'near a day morning, suddenly found the company for more than a golden like the atomic bomb figurines of cloud. Why here? Here is ok for you? ! Small statues have what meaning? ! 'In recent years, shenzhen streets a lot more figurines landscape city, some is feast for the eyes, and some are zhang two monks confused. 'The best thing to do is to make people involved, from the beginning of the creation idea let the public to participate in it. 'Shenzhen local figurines home Yang guang Suggestions are put forward. He in the shenzhen a person for a day, for example. Creation of this group of figurines, staff, volunteers of the shenzhen small statue by visiting a park ridge area residents, thousands of questionnaires, actively listen to the opinions of the people, and ultimately determines the scheme, make the residents feel very satisfied. City figurines should exit system, riverside road green belts, there are flocks of white sheep, this is a city during the universiade held in shenzhen one statue 'happy sheep sheep'. Whole sections of a total of 60 sheep diao, is controversial since launch. Have the owner said evening see white clouds, is a thriller. Shenzhen industry many figurines home also admitted that city construction in recent years many figurines, is accompanied by putting on his hat and coat project in a short period of time rushed out, some figurines pure beautification effect, lack of spirit, and a small statue of put the position is not right or transfer the spirit of the figurine itself doesn't fit, was criticized by citizens. 'Urban figurines to exit a mechanism should be established, keep a good work, adjust the position, the works of inappropriate or removed altogether! 'The little statue the personage inside course of study suggest. Perfect laws and regulations clearly late maintenance 'urban figurines can't want to build is built, was built where you want to build, later also not maintenance, graffito of the scribble let pedestrians, finally don't need it, just left there, this is a waste of a public space, but also don't respect for public art! 'Summer and vice director of shenzhen public art center is popular in recent years, shenzhen city figurines frequently encountering feel saddened with the phenomenon of' hand '. He said, now the biggest problem is that there is no corresponding laws and regulations for urban figurines late management responsibility unit shall be clear, lead to many small statue built in nobody tube, after no one loves embarrassment. Shenzhen city figurines, according to the relevant person in charge of office Huang Zhi now shenzhen figurines are considering to modify and improve the city set up the mechanism, the new management method will be comprehensive figurines of shenzhen city system specification, but is still on the stage of research, introduced the specific time is not yet clear.
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