Promotional tips: how to make gift promotions

by:Ennas      2022-02-15

Promotion is a very practical job, with particular attention to the implementation of various complicated details. 1. The three key implementations of gift promotion promotion is literally understood as promoting sales. It is through information dissemination and persuasion activities to communicate with individuals, organizations or groups to directly or indirectly encourage them to accept a certain product or service. From a retail perspective, in this definition, there are three key words worth paying attention to: 1. Information dissemination, which mainly refers to the promotion and atmosphere creation of promotional advertisements; 2. Communication, which mainly refers to on-site promotion oral introduction and shopping guide reception; 3. 'PersuasionThese three keywords constitute the most important work items in the implementation of retail sales promotion, and we must focus on them in the preparation and implementation of sales promotion. 2. The six main purposes of gift promotion, store promotion, and single-brand manufacturer promotion activities, still have many stark differences in their starting point: manufacturer activities highlight their own brand and sales promotion, while store promotion must highlight individual brands. And the performance of the category, we must also pay attention to the overall store to achieve the improvement of comprehensive quantity and quality. From the perspective of the store, the main purposes of promotion are as follows: 1. Encourage customers to buy in large quantities and quickly increase the overall sales of the store. 2. Bring freshness to customers and deepen the impression of a certain product brand. 3. Strive for potential customers to try to buy, make customers familiar with the product (new product) as soon as possible, and promote the sale of the product (new product). 4. The purpose of enhancing the brand image of the store. 5. Clear out old products and overstocked products to reduce high inventory. 6. Attract competitors' customers to change existing consumption habits, grab customers, and attack competitors. 3. Three principles for the implementation of gift promotion 1. Innovation first. Innovation is the 'secret weapon' for breakthroughs in promotion and an effective way to follow up and intercept other brands. If there is no innovation in the form of activities, simply relying on special offers or buying gifts to execute, such activities can not achieve good results. Today, when the promotion methods of various businesses are becoming more and more homogeneous, to be innovative, it is necessary to fully differentiate. The design of promotion plans and the release of advertisements must take into account the differentiation. 2. A small number of times. Consumers’ desires are always endless, and there is a mentality that the less easy to get, the more they want to get. Therefore, promotion should follow the principle of “small number of times”. Expect to avoid the impact on ordinary sales), the product range should not be too much (the more difficult to get, the more you want to get), and artificially set some thresholds for activities to make customers feel that they are taking advantage. 3. Win in the details and consumers make the final decision to buy. That part of the economics is called a thrilling leap, which means that consumers are very delicate and often give up buying because of small problems that are usually inconspicuous. They are very vigilant. In this case, it is particularly important to grasp the implementation details. In the entire promotion activities, from small to poster design and posting, to the refined promotion process and on-site execution, attention must be paid to details.
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