Programming toys that are entertaining and entertaining will also become a favorite of 'programming monkeys'

by:Ennas      2021-12-25

For the next generation of humans, perhaps writing code will become a basic skill like literacy. How to teach them this boring technique? Two Swiss people specially developed a wooden toy called Cubetto for this purpose. Its goal is to teach preschool children between the ages of 3 and 7 to learn to code. Cubetto is composed of a wooden robot, a programming board, and several signs. The signs have four colors. Different colors represent different instructions. For example, yellow represents leftward. Putting different colors together will send out various commands like a robot. There is an Arduino compatible development board circuit in the board, which can read the sign commands. For example, three yellow signs can make Cubetto turn around: turn left, turn left, and then turn left. Does it feel cute? Through this process, children will gradually be able to master the most basic principles of programming. In addition, it can also reduce the time the children spend facing the computer screen. Cubetto's designers MatteoLoglio and FilippoYacob said that the toy was inspired by an interaction design during a master's study three years ago. 'Programming is a new kind of literacy and should start from the baby. Only by contacting the programming environment, understanding the algorithm language, removing programming errors, and learning functions can they obtain the necessary foundation for success in the digital age.' FilippoYacob said. Cubetto's development concept is based on the hands-on learning theory of Montessori early education theory and the MIT LOGO programming language. This language system can help children become their own 'intelligence building' builders. Its design is simple, it can also tell stories, and it can fully stimulate children's imagination. Children can imagine the wooden robot as a character and create their own stories. For this reason, Cubetto is also equipped with toy mats, which can help children simulate various story scenes such as outer space and underwater world. The two designers also registered the company Primo for Cubtto. The early funding came from the financing on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, but now it has obtained Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Randy Zuckerberg, and Abdul Investment by Massimo Banzi, co-founder of Arduino. The Cubetto toy was first tested in Switzerland, and now it has been distributed in more than 40 countries. 'Children are very interested in these toys like building blocks and the challenges they face.' This is the feedback that Filippo Yacob got after experiments in many places.   It is reported that Primo will also develop a series of toys aimed at inspiring children to explore more digital worlds. Perhaps one day, these educational and entertaining programming toys are not only children's toys, they will also become the hearts of 'program apes'.
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