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Production of resin refrigerator magnets

Production of resin refrigerator magnets


Resin fridge magnets have become one of the popular home decor items in recent years, widely acclaimed for their unique beauty, personalized designs, and flexible manufacturing processes. More than just a simple ornament, resin fridge magnets represent a lifestyle, a pursuit, and expression of a finer life. This article delves into the charm of resin fridge magnets, including their materials, sources of design inspiration, production processes, and how to select and match resin fridge magnets to adorn your living space.

Creating resin fridge magnets in a factory setting involves a process designed for efficient mass production and standardized operations to ensure consistent quality across all products. Below is a detailed process for manufacturing resin fridge magnets in a factory:


I.Design and Prototype Creation

The design inspiration for resin fridge magnets comes from all aspects of life, including the beauty of nature, urban landscapes, artworks, and even personal emotional experiences. Designers transform these inspirations into unique resin fridge magnets through clever use of colors and innovative combinations of materials and shapes. Each fridge magnet is a story, a transmission of emotions, allowing people to experience the beauty of art in their daily lives.

·Design Phase: The design team begins by creating designs for the fridge magnets based on market trends, customer demands, or specific themes. This stage may include software drawing, color matching, and considerations of functionality (such as size, magnetic strength, etc.).

·Prototype Creation: Prototypes are made using 3D printing or manual crafting techniques. These prototypes will be used to create the silicone molds for the subsequent production.


II. Mold Making and Preparation

·Silicone Mold Creation: Silicone molds are made based on the prototype design. These molds need to be high-temperature resistant, easy to demold, and reusable.

·Mold Inspection and Preparation: Check the molds for any damage or deformation before production and ensure they are clean and free from foreign objects.


III. Material Preparation

·Epoxy Resin and Hardener: Prepare sufficient quantities of epoxy resin and hardener, ensuring they are mixed in the correct ratio. Choosing a high-purity epoxy resin ensures that the fridge magnets have a high level of transparency, making them clearer and more visually appealing.

·Colors and Decorative Materials: Prepare color dyes, glitter, dried flowers, beads, and other decorative materials according to the design requirements. The dye needs to be compatible with epoxy resin, not causing any chemical reactions or affecting the resin's curing and properties.

·Magnets: Prepare magnets that match the size of the fridge magnets.


IV. Production Process

·Mixing Resin: Mix the epoxy resin and hardener in an automated mixer in the correct ratio to ensure uniform mixing.

·Adding Colors and Decorations: Add predetermined colors and decorative items to the resin according to the product design.

·Casting: Pour the mixed resin into silicone molds. On an automated production line, this step can be performed for multiple molds simultaneously.

·Curing: Place the molds filled with resin in a curing area. Depending on the type of resin and the thickness of the product, curing time can range from a few hours to a day.

·Demolding and Post-processing: After the resin has fully cured, demold the product and smooth out the edges and clean the product to ensure it looks good and is safe to handle.


V. Magnet Installation and Quality Inspection

·Magnet Installation: Install magnets on the back of the fridge magnets using an appropriate adhesive to ensure they are firmly attached.

·Quality Inspection: Perform quality checks on the finished fridge magnets, including inspections of appearance, magnetic strength, and adhesive durability.

VI. Packaging and Shipping

·Packaging: Package the products according to customer requirements or standard packaging methods, taking care to protect the products from damage.

·Shipping: After a final check of all products, organize shipping according to order requirements.


When selecting resin fridge magnets, consider the following aspects: First, choose fridge magnets that match the color of your refrigerator and the style of your kitchen decor; second, consider the theme and colors of the fridge magnets, selecting designs that reflect your personal taste and lifestyle; lastly, you can also choose fridge magnets based on holidays or seasons to add a festive atmosphere or seasonal interest to your living space.

Resin fridge magnets are not just practical kitchen items but are artworks that can enhance the quality of life and express personal tastes. By choosing and matching different styles of resin fridge magnets, everyone can create a unique aesthetic and mood in their own living space.

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