Product contains illegal slogans, a toy manufacturer in Qingdao fined

by:Ennas      2022-01-24
Recently, Xinwang learned that Qingdao Tongzhen Toys Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tongzhen Toys) was suspected of publishing advertisements for disease treatment functions in Alibaba online stores, violating relevant provisions of the 'Advertising Law'. According to the law, Laixi City Market The Supervision Administration fined him. According to the national corporate credit information publicity, Qingdao Tongzhen Toys Co., Ltd. (current name: Jinan Tongzhen Trading Co., Ltd.) was established on April 18, 2016. Its business scope includes wholesale and retail, health food (health food only), Cosmetics, food, dairy products, beverages, baby products, tableware, stationery, office supplies, books, art supplies, fabrics, textiles, bedding, clothing, shoes, hats, toys, sporting goods. It is understood that on April 17, 2020, law enforcement officers of the Laixi City Market Supervision Administration found during supervision and inspection that Tongzhen Toys was suspected of publishing advertisements for disease treatment functions in Alibaba online stores. After verification, Tongzhen Toys released a product called New Zealand Manuka Essential Oil Nose Ointment (essential oil ointment) on the page of its online sales store. The product slogan contains: Wipe a wipe for 5 seconds before bedtime Advertising content of Nose Anti-inflammatory. However, the company did not have relevant evidence and materials to prove that its products have the function of clearing nose and anti-inflammatory, so this behavior is illegal. Tongzhen Toys has deleted its product's web promotion content on April 17. As of now, Xinwang has not found any illegal promotional language from Alibaba's online stores, related to New Zealand Manuka essential oil nose cream (essential oil ointment). product. Xinwang learned that Tongzhen Toys has violated Article 19 and Article 59 of the 'Advertising LawAdvertisements for medical treatment, medicines, medical devices, and health foods shall not be disguised in the form of introducing health and health-preserving knowledge; Article 59 states that advertisements violate Article 19 of this For health food advertisements, the administrative department for industry and commerce shall order corrections and impose a fine of less than 100,000 yuan on the advertisement publisher. According to this law, the Laixi City Market Supervision Administration imposed a fine of 15,000 yuan on Tongzhen Toys. In order to verify the punishment, Xinwang contacted the public through the public telephone number of Jinan Tongzhen Trading Co., Ltd., and the person in charge of the company refused to answer the call after the call was connected. Source: Xinwang reporter Wang Tian
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