Preschool education is hot after the release of the second child

by:Ennas      2021-11-16

In recent years, since the country officially released the full-scale deregulation of the two-child policy at the end of 2015, the preschool education industry has ushered in a spring of vigorous development, and the market for baby products and toy teaching aids has huge market development potential. The data show that there are about 240,000 kindergartens nationwide in 2017, and there are about 44.14 million children in kindergartens. Statistics and surveys from multiple channels show that most families spend more than 20,000 yuan in education and entertainment for a child each year. The 45 million children of school age in kindergartens alone represent a trillion-level market capacity. According to calculations by authoritative organizations, the entire baby and child market in 2018 reached 3 trillion yuan. The Prospective Industry Research Institute predicts that the market size of China's toy industry will exceed 230 billion yuan, 240 billion yuan, 260 billion yuan, 270 billion yuan, 280 billion yuan, and 300 billion yuan in 2018-2023, respectively. It can be said that the development prospects are promising. Strong market demand also brings capital blessings. Beijing Huanyu Wanwei Technology Co., Ltd. (Wisdom Tree), which had received 500 million financing at the end of December last year, received another 700 million RMB financing from Hejing Technology at the end of February 2018. After the financing is completed, the wisdom tree will be mainly used for capacity system construction, construction of high-quality content and core hardware main assets, market construction, and investment and acquisitions. It is also expected that through the establishment of the four intelligent systems of safety, health, teaching, and mutual entertainment, a unified national smart kindergarten system will be established to lay out the trillion-level preschool education market. Experts on the new development trend of the play teaching aid industry pointed out that the following new development trends will appear in the play teaching aid industry in my country in the future. First, playing teaching aids under strict environmental protection requirements pay more attention to green design. The current improvement in living standards and the strengthening of environmental protection concepts have prompted toy consumers to put forward higher requirements for the quality of toys based on their own health and safety considerations. Toy importing countries have also formulated increasingly stringent safety and environmental protection standards in order to protect the health of their consumers and protect their own toy industry. Domestic toy teaching aid companies have also increased their efforts to study international toy standards and rules, and focused their research and development on 'green design.' Second, play teaching aids manufacturing products pay more attention to 'individuality' and 'science and education.' Among them, construction toys and science and education toys will gradually become the dominant market. Construction toys include conventional puzzle and construction toys, as well as let children assemble and design products that reflect their own preferences, tastes and imagination elements; science and education toys incorporate technology, engineering, art, and mathematics as elements In the design and development of toys, children of all ages can gain the ability to learn and enjoy the fun of learning. Therefore, toy product design concepts focusing on 'individuality' and 'scientific and educational' are the development trend of the toy industry in the future. Third, the trend of artificial intelligence in the teaching aid industry is obvious. In July last year, the State Council’s 'New Generation Artificial Intelligence Strategic Plan' pointed out that by 2020, China’s artificial intelligence technology will keep pace with the world’s advanced level. And artificial intelligence speech synthesis, speech recognition, spoken language evaluation, natural language processing and other technologies are applied to the toy industry, which will create more personalized high-tech toys for children, such as talking trains, AI smart toys, and so on. CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition will play a blue ocean in the Nuggets industry on October 16-18, 2018, CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition is sponsored by the China Toys and Baby Products Association, which has been established for more than 30 years. It was the first independent exhibition since 2017. It has created a good comprehensive business docking platform for products and services across the entire industry chain of the preschool education industry. It is reported that CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition comprehensively covers preschool education product categories, covering the seven district corner products of kindergartens and the entire preschool education industry chain, with a four-in-one 'forum discussion + new product display + precise docking + scene experience' to show the ecological chain of the preschool education industry in an all-round way. . This year's CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition has set up three major exhibition halls, namely, educational toy hall, textbook/reading material picture book/educational institution hall, preschool education equipment/supplies/sports hall. And the best cooperation platform for investors. At the same time, this year's CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition more than 30 countries and regions international brands will be exhibited, and the domestic production areas such as Zhejiang Yongjia, Jiangsu Baoying and Shandong Linyi will be displayed as a whole. Set up a 'Preschool Education New Product Release Area' on site, upgrade to create a 'Special Purchasing Matchmaking MeetingIn addition, the CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition will be held in the same place as the 17th CTE China Toy Fair, CKE China Baby and Child Exhibition, and CLE China Authorized Exhibition. The four exhibitions on the same stage will create a platform for greater potential business opportunities. It is understood that a toy teaching aid company that paid a deposit before May 31, 2018, if it is a member of the China Toys and Baby Products Association, can enjoy up to 15% off. Companies that play teaching aids can log on to the official website of CPE China Preschool Expo www.chinapreschoolexpo.com for more details. If you want to sign up for the exhibition right away, please click Exhibitor Center-Participation Application, online registration for promotion needs, to seize advantageous resources and obtain greater business opportunities.
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