Pottery in China about 10000 years ago in _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-12
Core tip: white pottery Gui longshan culture, shandong weifang unearthed pottery is one of China's earliest relics of large category. Archaeological data show that pottery in China in about 10000 years ago. White pottery Gui discovered in longshan culture, shandong weifang unearthed pottery is one of China's earliest relics of large category. Archaeological data show that pottery in China in about 10000 years ago. Discovered in jiangxi in ten thousand fairy cave a recovery POTS, is China's first ever found in the overall recovery of pottery. Human's childhood, like our childhood, the initial inspiration often comes from raising our plot of land. Pottery is that: the soil and water and mud, mud ring rub growth or make it, layer upon layer coiling fold into cylindrical, then knead into a round cake joint at the end of round under the mud cylinder, then continuously knead modification, make abdominal wall to the outer arc convex, top a smaller circle is formed, and make oral, forming a clay pot billet is rough; Then, will still have some soft pot billet displacement ventilated place, under the shade to hang to dry, then pat more smooth surface, and then embed Chai Caodui roasting; Finally, from the fire is hard pottery. Initially, the appearance of the pottery is very rough, very irregular shape, colour and lustre is also due to the improper temperature control and shades. But they are accumulated experience of countless generations, spent hundreds of thousands of years was the nation's ancestors' initiative. Before know ceramics, human production tools and accessories are limited to changing the shape of natural objects. For example the stone break a flake, then into a specific shape of polishing tool, or teeth, cockle shell, such as punch, into a necklace, and so on. Although change the external form of matter, but did not change the material itself. Pottery of the fire was completely different, it is a substance into another substance of creative activity, is also the human according to its own idea of the beginning of human material to change natural objects. Unfortunately, how about pottery was invented, and produce the exact time, scholars still debated. Material of relatively popular a kind of theory is that is stained with clay's basket is placed in the fire, the fire made hard, become a difficult waterproof container, primitive inspiration from this, the idea to follow. After repeated experiments and improved continuously, people finally invented pottery making technology, namely after water wet clay with molding forming, dry roasted with fire, and finally made hard and durable and less prone to flooding of pottery. Editor's note of China is one of the famous four great civilizations of the world. Three civilization, Chinese civilization and the rest of the world civilization, namely two rivers Egyptian civilization and civilization of India's largest, is her own continuity and discontinuity. On this vast land in the east of Asian continent, in the Yangtze river and Yellow River mother river nurturing, a group of Chinese yellow skin from generation to generation, the world itself, they always guarded the same cultural roots, inherit the same cultural tradition. How many times change, the culture tradition; How many back to the alien invasion, eventually melt into the family of the Chinese nation. In ocean like the broad mind of the Chinese nation, in the long history of several thousand years young vomit, finally made a long and splendid Chinese civilization. The Chinese civilization has a long history and profound, is one of those who keep up to now, a huge number, various kinds of ancient relics relics, its content covers almost all areas of human material culture. As early as the northern song period of the 11th century, China has a number of scholars began to study of ancient artifacts. They mainly for bronzes and stone tablets with inscription inscription inscription study, so called 'epigraphy'. Later, people to expand the research object to the antiquities in the broader field, referred to as 'artifacts' or 'antiquities. Ming and qing dynasties, and the 'antique' and 'antiques,' or 'antique' title. Since the 1950 s, are gradually unify to use the word 'relics'. Nearly half a century, the Chinese mainland of archaeological investigation and excavation uninterrupted field, especially in recent 20 years, the national economy fast development, across widely in construction engineering, natural opened many deeply buried treasure house of cultural relics. And with the constant improvement of the archaeological techniques, new archaeological finds of surprise has been appeared. 'Chinese cultural relics' version from today, create 'national treasure' column, please cultural relics experts lilly narrative of Chinese cultural relics classification, pottery, jade, bronze ware, figures like small tomb sculpture, stone carving, the tomb murals, modelling of cave temples and buddhist art, treasure, porcelain, lacquer, furniture, handicraft, 12 categories respectively introduces the origin and development of all kinds of cultural relics in, in which each type of cultural relics and the most mature in its development, the most glorious period, as the key issue to help readers understand the Chinese cultural relics.
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