Portrait statuette of language elements

by:Ennas      2020-05-29
Core tip: when it comes to small statue of portrait and creation of language elements, how many creators will have what kind of statement, some people are perhaps more than that. In fact, numerous and not, say to the small statue of portrait and creation of language elements, how many creators will have what kind of statement, some people are perhaps more than that. In fact, numerous and not, will not affect the objective law of natural existence, is affecting the portraits of the column. Through the ages, the statue in the history of the portraits of countless. There is success there is failure, there are you love is what you despise, you despise and people are all love, also someone despise you love alone. 。 。 。 。 。 Standing in my point of view, I think the language of the figurines factor at work. Dash forward show strength, trade-off between each other induction, etc, create portraits of ovrflows, style each different, is a masterpiece, a common product agent. 。 。 。 。 。 1. Aspire to the 'point'. What do the 'someone', which period, what state, what kind of posture, composition, etc. , the solution of these problems is your conception. Since this is your, is different with others. At this time of the author as a director looking for pictures, reading biographies, gather the article. Through conversation, communication, such as spirit, form composition. At this time a lot of paperwork is solving the problem of 'conception'. 2. New creation should be placement in the 'a'. Is likely to have been done in front of you 'someone' the portrait of creation, you may also have used some kind of shaping methods. How is different with others to do your 'someone'? , can only rely on new or surprising. The 'new' is not necessarily a trendy fashion, but you choose the eyespots. Big head? A slender body? Super realistic? Abstract exaggerated? Hazy freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting? Specific features? These are great 'and' space and the possibility of surprise. 3, material is the greatest attrocities several kinds, but people often ignored as the material of language sense. The selection of material of language on the creation, stressed and exaggerated plays an important role. 'Iron will', 'gentle' the different solution is needed to choose as a material, director of the language. Not to want to make clay sculpture material, not adopted a certain material will have effect, not material using beautiful have the language, more than xu weakening material not to highlight the theme. Only to solve the 'no', can make it possible to create shape. 4, environment, although many 'masterpiece', in particular, the characteristics of the 'universal', but there is a time limit and place these masterpieces. We created for a depots, and, in turn, portraits, you should obey the depots, qualified, find its objective laws, counterplot, into their creation. According to the light, time, abortion, factors such as the point of view, field of vision, humanities environment, decided to adopt the method, technique and style. There are specific solutions to limit a precondition is the immortal works. 5, time and space it decides the figurines to appreciate people into which space and time, which era, what background, what emotion, not even the fuzzy misunderstanding. Similarly, he also decides the author want to tell people what is, how to evaluate by molds the character and history to see its status, value, influence and so on. It is present, or predecessors have done, reflecting the author's own brand of The Times. In different periods of the same character, shape should not be the same, The Times should be revealed. Even if it is 'new old', even 'into the natural' pursuit, also show the author today's good intention. Five factors listed above, affirmation is not complete. Factors is limited. Limitation and the limited properly resolved, or is such as to exaggerate some point ignore some point consciousness, is the guarantee of produce good works. High today, my friend, the elder brother to the portraits for decades in our country is created to collect and edit a book, I think is very good. Maybe it will cause a professional author reviews, thinking and research. Works of different style look refraction with us different era, different regions, different educational background, different pursuit. And listed in this paper, the five elements of different choices. This was the highlight of the book: give readers to study and draw lessons from, appreciation and research of vast space.
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