Port the statuettes show movable type

by:Ennas      2021-09-27
Core tip: graph: the venue on the work of the statuette presented by representative of intangible heritage' Ta kung pao news 】 Intangible 'contemporary sculpture exhibition diagram: a session on the work of the statuette presented by representative intangible project' Ta kung pao news 】 Intangible 'contemporary sculpture exhibition has recently landed, tsuen wan, please view the new town. Exhibition is present in addition to, on behalf of the Chinese national intangible project figurines, more special invited local master galvanized iron casting a base of intangible heritage in Hong Kong as large art installation 'word live city' for citizens to enjoy. Is event is new world China real estate earlier in the mainland and the continuation of the tour of activities held by Washington, at the same time, in response to the Hong Kong government in Hong Kong released earlier first list of national intangible, joined the local special elements, invited Hong Kong tin master guo-hua xie, with local social enterprises Run 2 Tree cooperation, making 'word live city' art installation. 'Words to live the city' to show Chinese characters of movable type printing device, the prototype using galvanized iron cast for raw materials, the specially designed 'silhouette' window, clever use of light and shade intersection, the effect of the public to explore intangible items in Hong Kong; Including the dragon dance, rob chu tomb at baoshan, bamboo cages production, the production of galvanized iron, cantonese opera, and movable type. A nice hour-glass design not only show the essence of the traditional printing and create the level of the urban construction at the same time. In addition, each figurine works have a unique design, represent different intangible stamp and postcard of the project. For the essence of the traditional Chinese culture is rooted in the next generation better, the company in the exhibition has also arranged for parent-child guided Tours, led from the sustainable development of the 'new world' leap community plan under 25 children lack of resources and parents appreciate the works of these figurines, intangible cultural heritage of China and Hong Kong. At the same time, also will be held please view on Saturday in new city shopping mall 'intangible silhouette light box workshop, let people use environmental protection material, making silhouette by light box.
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