Pony toy became the darling of the 2014 Jiangsu Nanjing Foreign Trade Brand Commodity Fair

by:Ennas      2021-11-25

Yesterday morning, the 2014 Jiangsu Nanjing Foreign Trade Brand Commodity Fair was opened at the Xinzhuang International Exhibition Center. This exhibition brought together most of the local foreign trade brand enterprises. There will also be online TV shopping platforms such as Haoxianggou and Foreign Trade Amoy. Point show. There are also various import and export hot-selling products at the exhibition: hundreds of various wooden horses exported abroad, saffron, a precious medicinal material unique to the snow-covered plateau, red wine from Italy, chocolate from Switzerland, pistachios from Israel, etc. sell like hot cakes.   It is understood that this 4-day trade fair for foreign trade brands has an exhibition area of u200bu200b15,800 square meters. This year's fair not only has a variety of import and export commodities, but also specially set up 'New Year's FairAt the same time, all exhibitors of this trade fair can publish corporate brand and product information for free on the e-commerce platform 'Waitaotao' of the foreign trade fair. People who have not been to the exhibition site can also find their favorite products through the Internet with just one click. , It can be delivered home. Yesterday, Jiangsu Broadcasting and Television Haoxiang Shopping recently moved the 'Sky Mall' to the site, allowing citizens to 'inspect goods' on the site with the usual TV shopping model.   The reporter saw at the exhibition that the 'big change alive fish' from Four Seasons Chase Group Co., Ltd. attracted the attention of many people. The live demonstration uses low-temperature rapid micro-freezing technology. First put a live fish into the quick-freezing equipment. When it is picked up in about 2 minutes, the fish has been frozen hard. The staff then put the 'slightly frozen' crucian carp into the fish tank, and soon the frozen crucian carp moved in the water again. The secret of this magical 'magic' lies in the micro-freezing liquid developed by the company. Relevant staff said that the micro-freeze is extracted from natural substances and has reached food-grade standards and can even be eaten directly. After the promotion of this technology, people can eat fresher aquatic products, and this method can also be used for perishable fruits.  The Year of the Horse is coming soon, and a kind of children's wooden horse toy at the exhibition is also welcomed by many citizens. The reporter saw in a foreign trade company that these Trojan horses have different shapes. In addition to ordinary pony horses, there are also pink horses, unicorns and other shapes. Many people want to buy one as a gift for their children.
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