Polishing method of stainless steel sculpture and its installation process

by:Ennas      2022-02-18
We can see all kinds of sculptures everywhere in our lives. Among them, stainless steel sculptures are a relatively common one. For stainless steel sculptures, people may still have a little knowledge of it. Let me introduce you to the polishing method of stainless steel sculptures and their Installation process. 1. Polishing method of stainless steel sculpture 1. Wash all the stains and attachments on the surface of stainless steel, generally using professional degreaser. 2. Pickling the oxidized fur on the surface of stainless steel with pickling agent, such as high temperature treatment The black carbonaceous material under the mirror, like the mirror stainless steel cobblestone sculpture that has been processed by high-pressure stamping and bending machine, also needs pickling liquid. 3. The pickling is completed and the surface of the mirror stainless steel cobblestone sculpture is washed with water. Pickling agent liquid. 4. Soak with a special stainless steel mirror polish for more than 30 minutes, and the mirror effect can be taken out. 5. Wash the mirror stainless steel pebbles sculpture with clean water, and then use it again After washing with pure water, it can be dried. Second, the stainless steel sculpture installation process 1. First, the base must be made according to the size of the stainless steel sculpture. The base is poured with cement. According to the position and size of the main frame and support frame of the stainless steel sculpture, To determine the position of the reserved steel bars in the base and the specifications of the steel bars and embedded iron. 2. The installation of stainless steel sculptures is generally welded. This method is relatively strong, that is, the skeleton of the sculpture itself is welded to the embedded iron on the base. At the same time, the steel bars are welded under the embedded iron, and the length of the steel bars and the size of the embedded iron are determined according to the size of the sculpture. 3. All welding points of the stainless steel sculpture must be treated with corrosion and rust to ensure that the sculpture will not be safe due to the corrosion of the welding points. Question. 4. For the beauty of stainless steel sculptures, usually after installation, the base will be pasted with marble or granite slabs, so that it will look more complete and beautiful. The above content is the polishing of stainless steel sculptures brought to you by the Beijing sculpture manufacturer The introduction of the method and its installation process, I hope it can help you. Beijing Sculpture Company is a comprehensive sculpture manufacturer engaged in sculpture design, production and installation. It is committed to fiberglass sculpture, stainless steel sculpture, casting sculpture, forged sculpture, relief sculpture Sculpture, rockery and plastic stone, character sculpture, spiritual fortress and other diversified urban sculptures, garden sculptures, landscape sculpture products design and production of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture manufacturers and installation and production of stainless steel sculptures, dedicated to providing you with high-quality all-round sculpture production design And the quotation service of the price of glass steel sculpture and the price of stainless steel sculpture.
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