Polishing method of stainless steel sculpture and installation precautions

by:Ennas      2022-02-17
We can see all kinds of sculptures everywhere in our lives. Among them, stainless steel sculptures are a relatively common one. For stainless steel sculptures, people may still have a little understanding of it. Let me introduce you to the polishing method and installation of stainless steel sculptures. Matters needing attention. 1. Stainless steel sculpture polishing method 1. The surface is evenly ground, and the abrasive grain size is 80~100. 2. The rough surface is polished, and the surface has uniform straight lines. Usually, the abrasive belt with a grain size of 180~200 is used in 2A. Or polished on a 2B board at one time. 3. Unidirectional surface processing, not strong reflectivity, this surface processing may be widely used in construction applications. The process step is to polish with coarse abrasives first, and then use the particle size It is 180 abrasive grinding. 4. Bright polishing is to polish the surface that has been ground very fine but still has abrasion marks. Usually 2A or 2B plate is used, with fiber or cloth polishing wheel and corresponding polishing paste. 5 , Mirror polished surface, high reflectivity, usually called mirror surface processing, because it reflects the image is very clear. Continuously polish the stainless steel with a fine abrasive, and then polish it with a very fine polishing paste. Second, stainless steel sculpture installation precautions 1. When installing the stainless steel sculpture, don't bump, don't fiddle with the stainless steel sculpture during installation. If you are installing a small sculpture, you can do not open the outer packaging during the installation process, first install the sculpture, and finish the installation. Then open the outer packaging, so that the stainless steel sculpture can be relatively well prevented from being flowered. 2. When the stainless steel sculpture is installed, the operation is usually completed by welding, so that the stainless steel sculpture can be secured after installation. There is a fixed welding point between the skeleton of the stainless steel sculpture and the base. First, ensure that the base can withstand the overall quality of the sculpture. The measurement of the length of the steel bar and the calculation of the embedded iron also need to be done in advance to ensure the installation of the sculpture. The smoothness of the sculpture can better ensure the quality and stability of the stainless steel sculpture. 3. When installing the stainless steel sculpture, in order to better ensure the cost performance and quality of the finished sculpture, everyone should choose a sculpture company with a good reputation for design and installation. In this way, the quality of stainless steel sculptures can be fully confirmed. The above content is the introduction of polishing methods and installation precautions for stainless steel sculptures brought to you by the Beijing sculpture manufacturer. I hope it can help you.
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