Polishing classification and steps of stainless steel sculpture

by:Ennas      2022-02-17
We can see all kinds of sculptures everywhere in our lives. Among them, stainless steel sculptures are a relatively common one. For stainless steel sculptures, people may still have a little knowledge of it. Let me introduce the polishing classification and steps of stainless steel sculptures. 1. Polishing steps of stainless steel sculpture 1. Coarse grinding: mainly use sand abrasive to polish the rough surface of the workpiece to remove the macro uneven surface. 2. Medium grinding: further polishing on the basic length of the rough grinding to remove the rough grinding Through this process, the surface of the workpiece is gradually smooth and bright. 3. Fine grinding: fine polishing process to achieve the ideal brightness. 2. Polishing classification of stainless steel sculptures 1. Wire drawing: the surface is polished with a 180# sandpaper wheel Effect (coarse silk grain surface) 2. Matte: the surface effect polished by 320# fiber wheel (the surface with finer silk grain) 3. Ordinary polishing: the polishing effect of 320# for polishing (can be reflective but (Fuzzy reflective surface) 4. Mirror polishing: use 600# to polish the mirror effect (clear mirror surface) The above content is the introduction of the polishing classification and steps of stainless steel sculptures brought to you by the Beijing stainless steel sculpture manufacturer. , I hope it can help you.
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