Please check the level marking and warning label when purchasing laser pointer toys

by:Ennas      2021-12-14

Yesterday, the citizen Ms. Lin told reporters that a while ago, she bought a new laser pointer toy for her child. Unexpectedly, a few days later, the child said that his eyes could not see things clearly. Only after he went to the hospital for an examination did he find out that it was the laser pointer. The curse. “Children’s laser pointer toys sold on the market, if used improperly, can cause damage to the eyes.” Ophthalmologist Ms. Li said that after the eye is irradiated by the laser beam, the temperature of the eye tissue will rise rapidly after the laser light energy is absorbed, which may happen. Tissue cell necrosis, resulting in loss of cell function. Especially for children, the eye tissue is delicate and delicate. Once the laser beam reaches the macula of the retina, it will cause serious damage to the eye. If it is exposed for a long time, it may even cause blindness. The reporter learned that the laser pointer toy is a portable pen-type toy designed with visible laser light. The common ones include red light, green light, blue light and blue-violet light. At present, for the production and use of laser pointers, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine has issued 'Laser pointers and children's laser gun product quality and safety risk warnings and consumer tipsDuring the reporter's visit, it was discovered that some businesses were still selling laser pointer toys, and there were no grade markings, warning labels, etc. in the outer packaging. Ophthalmologists remind the public that many of the laser pointers and laser flashlights on the market have a power exceeding 5mw. If the laser is directed into the eyes, it may cause damage to the eyes. The laser pointer is not a toy and is not suitable for children. If the eyes are uncomfortable or unclear after being irradiated by the laser, it is recommended to go to the hospital immediately.
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