Plastic toy parts spotted on the beaches of northern and southern Cornwall, England

by:Ennas      2021-12-09

According to the British 'Mirror' report on July 21, recently, some small plastic toy parts were spotted on the beaches in the north and south of Cornwall, England. The children on the shore imagine that they come from some far away country. Few people know that these cargoes actually came from a cargo ship in February 1997.   17 years ago, the cargo ship encountered a storm that was rare in a century while passing Lands Point on the Cornish Peninsula. A container on the cargo ship was lost and contained 4.75 million Lego parts. Coincidentally, these toys are ocean-themed. It is reported that these parts are constantly floating to the beach as the tide ebbs and flows.   The American oceanographer Curtis has been searching for traces of the cargo after it was lost. He said, “If the cargo is on the shore, it’s good. If it’s still in the sea, then the situation is not optimistic. These cargoes are poison to birds. There is also a container filled with 5 meters of Lego toys. It is a catastrophe for wild animals. The lost cargo ships include 13,000 red and yellow spear guns, 4,200 black octopus toys, 33,000 dinosaur toys, etc.    Martin Dawley, the head of a beach cleaning company, not only encourages people to pick up Picking up trash on the beach. He will also contact the company where such accidents occur. He explained that although such accidents are not their responsibility, people should look at this issue from the perspective of ocean protection.
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