Plastic carrying cultural mission and confidence - — Small sculpture 'flowing' international statuettes show to remember

by:Ennas      2021-10-29
Core clew: on October 28, 2017, the United States of south Carolina brooke green park held its eighty-fourth annual American international figurine art exhibition of the closing ceremony, figurine artist WenYang from dalian, China on October 28, 2017, the United States of south Carolina brooke green park held its eighty-fourth annual American international figurine art exhibition of the closing ceremony, from dalian, China figurine artist WenYang figurine works 'flowing' successfully participated in the exhibition. The eighty-fourth American international figurine art is by the national institute of famous international small figurines statues art exhibitions, learn to set up more than one hundred years, has so far held eighty-four annual figurine art, as artists in China is the first time in the important international exhibition, show the Chinese culture and artistic spirit cultural self-confidence and influence in the international art stage. American national institute of figurines ( 国家雕塑学会) The history of literature can be traced back to the earliest, in the middle of the nineteenth century literature records the renowned master of figurines, Daniel Chester French ( The Lincoln memorial in Washington, Lincoln, as the author) With augustus, saint Gao Dengsi et al. ( The Boston museum designer) Figurines and other more than 400 different historical period, many of the activities. Famous architect Stanford white, officially founded in 1893 the figurines home society of America, society headquarters in New York. The national institute of figurines has 124 years of history, is the world's oldest and most prestigious figurines association. The us national institute of statuettes in 2017 at the 84th international figurine art exhibition in the United States, the jury by 233 figurines from around the world 986 works submitted to strict screening, finally determined the 47 pieces of works. Exhibition on October 29th August 5 solstice brooklyn park in south Carolina. Association was founded in 124 years for the first time for Chinese artists to present Chinese culture and artistic spirit of figurine works, works for the Chinese spirit and artistic thought performance obtained the affirmation and praise of the jury, was invited to the exhibition and communication. Works 'flowing' in Chinese traditional culture of harmony, artistically flow of thoughts on track like the freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese treatment of piao zhuo, contained in the Chinese culture about sports and alternate relation between man and nature. Work with freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting and Chinese poetic aesthetics, freehand brushwork spirit and figurines in China the fusion between language and representation. Works with the dynamic and static realm and artistically show the images of space and the emotion, expresses the Chinese traditional culture and western evolution and blend between the plastic arts. Artist in the artistic exploration of creative ideas, the material form, artistic, cultural experience, and many other aspects has a unique understanding and awareness. Work together the ideas of traditional culture with The Times and the artistic processing, show the unique charm of Chinese culture art. For more than five thousand years Chinese civilization can not interrupt, represented by nature of the ideal realm has played a vital role. A series of ancient Chinese civilization and reform the ideal pursuit of the every Chinese are closely connected to the 'self-reliance' 'hold world with virtue', 'do as you would be done by' and 'and but different' social significance and ethical network, formed a strong force of cohesion, capacity and transformation, achievement of 'for the world heart, to the o life, for wan shikai, is peaceful' personal ideal and humanistic spirit. The culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics, therefore, confident, first of all, is the ideal of the Chinese nation ancient culture inheritance and confidence. Performance in art creation spirit, carry forward the Chinese history and culture, creative innovation, with excellent works of art to express the cultural confidence, highlight the cultural foundation, cultural essence of Chinese characteristics and cultural ideas. On the basis of the national cultural confidence to carry out the cultural creation and innovation, with a small statue of artistic language shape beauty, the beauty of the culture times, expressed the artists sense of responsibility and mission of cultural construction.
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