Pineapple tree puzzle magnetic piece toy Variety assembly·Puzzle enlightenment Let children spell wisdom

by:Ennas      2022-01-27
In today's era of fighting for wisdom, more and more parents are keen to buy magnetic tablets educational toys with enlightenment and beneficial intelligence for their children. The pineapple tree puzzle magnetic toy is also one of the toy brands loved by parents. It allows children to give full play to their hands-on ability and brain thinking and imagination in the process of stitching, allowing them to spell colors and spell wisdom. The pineapple tree puzzle magnetic piece toy uses ultrasonic welding seamless connection technology, no glue bonding, bid farewell to the hazard of formaldehyde, it also has super suction power, selected permanent magnets, one piece can hold 16 pieces, super strong magnetism is visible , Let children assemble happily and enjoy the fun brought by the splicing of magnetic films. The pineapple puzzle magnetic toy is made of plastic materials with stable chemical properties and no peculiar smell, which meets the hygiene and safety requirements of the pharmaceutical and food industries, so that children can have fun and parents can rest assured. The pineapple tree puzzle magnetic toy can meet the baby's cognitive needs, gradually cultivate the baby's cognitive ability, step by step enlightenment, and gradually establish the child's cognition of colors, shapes, and three-dimensional shapes. The pineapple tree puzzle magnetic piece toy focuses on details, creates quality, pure and rich colors, washes without rust, and can accompany for a long time, allowing children to spell colors, spell wisdom, and win at the starting line of life.
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