Pineapple Tree Pixel Particle Blocks New design, multiple gameplay more interesting

by:Ennas      2022-02-05
I believe that every family with children is full of various toys, such as magnetic film toys, building block toys, early education educational toys, etc., but the main purpose of parents buying these toys for their children is to exercise the baby The practical ability, imagination and logical thinking ability. The pineapple tree pixel particle building block is a subversion of the traditional building block assembly method, with a new and upgraded design, allowing babies to explore more different ways of playing in the assembly, enlightening children's cognitive ability and brain for color The imagination of logical thinking allows babies to spell more fun on their own. The pineapple tree pixel particle building blocks have six splicing methods of different spatial positions: up and down splicing, left and right splicing, dislocation splicing, cross splicing, trapezoidal splicing, top and bottom splicing, so that children can put together as they want, every time they are assembled. Can spell out more and varied shapes, let the baby get more wisdom in the assembling. The pineapple tree pixel particle building blocks are carefully selected to be harmless to children’s health and meet the sanitation and safety requirements of the pharmaceutical, food and other industries. They are safe and odorless, so that you can rest assured to buy for your baby, and let your baby play with childhood in the assembling. wisdom.
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