Pinco baby xpe foldable crawling mat with thick shock absorption and high resilience protection in one step

by:Ennas      2022-01-17
Sitting and crawling seven times is the growth law of the baby. When the baby learns to crawl, the parents must not only maintain the baby's hygiene and health, but also protect the baby's safety. Therefore, it is very important to prepare a thick and safe crawling mat for your baby. Pinco's xpe foldable crawling mat opens and closes in one second, and is stored in three seconds. Pingao baby xpe foldable crawling mat PE grade matte film + environmentally friendly inner pattern layer + high-density compressed XPE layer + environmentally friendly inner pattern layer + PE grade matte film five-layer design without fear of scratches, full and soft colors, environmentally friendly printing and dyeing, It does not fade, protects the eyes, and the baby explores the small world with peace of mind. At the same time, combined with double-sided film technology, thick cushion core and independent closure dual design, effectively block heat and moisture, heat and cold, suitable for all seasons. Pingao baby xpe foldable crawling mat recommends a crawling mat with a thickness of 1.5CM or more, thickened shock absorption and high resilience, to ensure that the XPE is thicker and more durable, and the protection is in place in one step. In addition, L-shaped letters and numbers are selected for non-slip patterns, special patterns are designed, and the graphics are not single, which strengthen the anti-slip effect and enhance the baby's understanding of numbers and letters. Coupled with cute cartoon drawings and different pictures before and after, it can create a warm and interesting atmosphere for children, and cultivate children's creativity, sensibility and thinking ability.
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