[Picture] Jingzheng·Guangzhou Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition: Experience the brand feast in the economic era

by:Ennas      2021-11-20

Fan Peikang, Deputy Director of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, President and Editor-in-Chief of China Trade News. Former Deputy Director and Director of the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau Division of the External Liaison Department of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Deputy Secretary-General of the Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Coordination Committee, Mainland China , Mainland Secretary-General of the Joint Conference of Hong Kong and Macau Chambers of Commerce, and a dispatcher of the Mediation Center of the International Chamber of Commerce. He has edited and published 'Taiwan Economic and Trade Business SpecialResearch data from the China Center for Pregnancy, Infant and Child Research shows that in 2011, the total size of China’s 0-12 year old pregnant and infant market was approximately 1.15 trillion yuan. At present, China has become the second largest consumer of infant and child products after the United States. Big country. In China, more than 20 million newborns each year have pushed up the market size forecast in 2015 to 2 trillion yuan. As the analysts of CLSA said, as more and more babies are born, many manufacturers are ready to make a fortune in this baby boom. This is a real sunrise industry. However, the sunrise industry does not mean that this market is a blue ocean. New products and new brands continue to emerge in the maternity, infant and child industry. How to stand out among the many competitors and achieve a leap-forward development of the brand in the red sea of u200bu200bthe market? Changing ideas, fully embracing the experience economy, and building a perfect user experience is the only solution. In the book 'Experience Economy' written by Joseph Pine and James Gilmore, the co-founders of the American Strategic Horizon LLP, experience is defined as 'the enterprise takes services as the stage, the goods as the props, and the consumer as the center. , To create activities that can engage consumers and are worthy of consumers’ memories.” In the experience economy, a company is no longer just selling goods or services. It provides the ultimate experience and is full of emotional power, leaving customers with unforgettable pleasant memories. In the era of experience economy, the essence of each product or service purchased by a customer is no longer just a real product or service, but a feeling, an emotional, physical, intellectual, and even spiritual experience. The experience economy can create an illusion: companies treat every consumer as a unique individual, and then meet their individual needs. For Chinese consumers, family happiness is one of the most important pleasures in life. Therefore, the ultimate goal of the pregnancy and infant exhibition and its industry in the experience economy era is to provide babies with a happy and healthy childhood, so that consumers who are new parents and new mothers can fully enjoy the wonderful experience of family happiness! According to the long-term observation of the China Trade News on the pregnancy, infant and child industry, most of the local brands of pregnancy, infant and child still stay in the product economic model, emphasizing product-oriented and cost-effective. However, in the fierce market competition, a purely product-oriented product economy has been difficult to differentiate companies from their competitors. As the saying goes, literature is not the first and Wu is the second. We can also say that the product is not the first, and the experience is not the second. The so-called no-first product refers to the homogeneity of demand and technology, which determines the convergence of product quality in the same industry. With the development of OEM outsourcing, different brands, especially foreign brands, are often made by the same domestic manufacturer. The difference in quality is very small. People's confidence in the first place can be extended to the second place. There is no information asymmetry in experience, and human nature seeks novelty and novelty. A strong and unique user experience will squeeze the market space of followers and win the market for enterprises. The primary strategy of the product economy is whether to enter a certain market, and the experience economy must be at a higher level, using experiences that are difficult to replicate to define the market. How to provide consumers with a perfect user experience? Companies can consider the following methods to increase consumers' demand for their own products: First, integrate pregnant, baby and child products into a safe, warm, and brand experience. This means creating a trustworthy brand image, emphasizing consumers’ good experience when buying, using or possessing the maternity, infant and child product; second, as consumers’ demand for experience increases, they are more The demand for goods will also increase. At this time, more stimulating props should be provided, such as trial outfits for new products developed by the company; third, find and add more elements that can resonate consumers’ feelings in the product, such as warm colors , Industrial design based on ergonomics, comfortable materials, etc.; fourth, hunger marketing to stimulate consumers' possessiveness; fifth, organize parent-child clubs, build a platform for consumer communication, and enhance user experience. If possible, building a brand experience store is a better choice. The design of Apple’s product experience store is an outstanding reference case. Sixth, launching special events related to products. In short, pregnant and infant products are highly dependent on user experience, and consumers are extremely sensitive to product quality and user experience. Therefore, in the future pregnant and infant market, only those products can provide consumers with safety, comfort, warmth and comfort. Brands with personalized user experience can truly survive, develop and even win-take-all.
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