[Picture] 2011, the gliding season of Jdbug toy kingdom!

by:Ennas      2021-11-19

Skateboarding, which originated in the early 1960s, was reduced to an 'underground project' because it was too thrilling; it was not until the mid-1980s that this urban magical sport made a comeback and set off in the field of extreme sports. The continuous wave of skateboarding; developed to the end of the last century, there were more than 5,000 extreme parks specially designed for skateboarders in the United States; and in the 20th century, the high risk of skateboarding still made many people only sigh with it. At a Chicago trade fair in the summer of 1998, the appearance of a Chinese completely changed the fate of skateboarding. He brought a new product after skateboarding. The scooter not only allows athletes to feel free to glide like a skateboard. Fun, and the innovative safety design concept of the scooter completely replaced the high risk of skateboarding. This product was ordered by an exhibiting company to 4,000 units. In the following two years, this product quickly became popular in the United States and Japan, and in 2000 became the number one scooter brand in New York and Los Angeles-Razor (雷热). Speaking of the original intention of the innovative design of this scooter, it will definitely make a lot of People envy this Chinese who is good at using his brain and discovering new business opportunities from old products, because what the engineer originally wanted to make was only a tool that could pass quickly in his messy bicycle factory. He inadvertently became a 70-year-old man. The toy was equipped with an elegant aluminum frame and colorful wheels, and thus the scooter was born. With his keen business sense and successful marketing, his scooter helped him gain the first successful experience and sufficient experience in his life. Funding. After this, the father of scooters was not dazzled by short-term success, but started to gradually deploy his toy kingdom on the basis of consolidating the existing brand. Because he knew very well in his heart, although razor is in the United States It has already taken the top spot, but in Europe, where the design requirements are almost strict, innovation alone is not enough.In addition to the excessive penetration of the razor brand's own American culture, it will take some time to enter Europe, but now this scooter The timing of the trend is definitely not to be missed. After in-depth understanding of the current situation of the European market and summarizing the experience of the American market, the entrepreneur began to design brand-new products specifically for the European market, and won the Baden Wurttemberg International Design Award in 1999. 2000 With this star product, a brand-new scooter brand Jdbug was formally established, but Jdbug’s entry into Europe was not as lucky as the United States. The product was once lacking in interest. The Jdbug marketing team compared other similar popular products in the European market. I found that my products just blindly cater to the European market, but they have lost their own brand competitiveness, which is innovation. Since then, Jdbug has continued to improve, holding high the banner of innovation, in product design, functionality, and safety. Strive for perfection. Under the cruel competition in the European market, after several years of hard work, Jdbug ushered in a day of rebirth. Today's market share of Jdbug scooters in Europe has surpassed micro, becoming the number one skateboard brand in Europe. Jdbug's footprints spread all over Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and other places, becoming the first choice for European skateboarding enthusiasts. Innovation is the most fundamental driving force behind Jdbug’s brand development for more than ten years. So far, the brand still insists on producing 1-2 innovative products every year. Innovation here does not refer to re-creation on the basis of original products, but to overthrow and re-design and manufacture. This is impossible for any other similar brands. Exquisite workmanship, user-friendly functional design, and reliable safety make any car produced by Jdbug not only have a streamlined and fashionable appearance, but also have both The perfect safety flick design allows everyone who has a dream of skateboarding, even a minor child, to step on it with confidence and realize their dream of skateboarding in the driving experience. This is probably the unparalleled charm and inclusiveness of Jdbug. After years of painstaking research and development, Jdbug's product series has been extremely rich: a training car designed for beginners, simple and easy to operate, with a safety factor close to perfect; professional skateboard products suitable for skateboard fans, elegant and fashionable board production, The foot socket is positioned accurately and comfortably, and the bridge design is flexible and easy to control; the bicycle designed for urban young people has a healthy and stylish ergonomic shape; and the walker designed for young children has an advanced design, safe and caring. This success has allowed the world to see the strength and charm of the Jdbug brand. In order to meet the increasing demand of Chinese skateboarders for international skateboard products, the strong European scooter brand Jdbug is preparing to officially enter China in 2011. If the scooter has made Jdbug today, then in the future, the dream of the global toy kingdom of the group founder will probably be taken over by Jdbug. And in early 2011, Jdbug's product walker successfully won the international IF design The grand prize seems to be making this dream shine into reality step by step.
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