Pictograph and TuAnShi _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-10-23
Core tip: pictograph and TuAnShi is the stone of two major categories, though, they belong to the category of stone, but the difference is big, big difference. Pictograph is stereo, with small sculpture pictograph and TuAnShi are two major categories of stone, though, they belong to the category of stone, but the difference is big, big difference. Pictograph is stereo, with small sculpture ornamental effect. People usually call rock pictograph, such as the lingbi stone, kun stone, luliang, etc. ; While the TuAnShi is shown below, with the visual effect of the floor plan. Generally called TuAnShi mostly pebble, such as Huang Heshi, Yangtze river stone and rain flower stones, etc. Pictograph, refers to the outline shape resembles a stone objects, for example, 'characters' stone, head, body, and the characteristics of the body not only, and reasonable proportion. Even in some of the pictograph with 'eyes' and 'hair'. Pictograph shows form, either from the front view, can also be viewed from the rear or side, in terms of its overall modelling, it is completely 'round' the artistic effect. But unfortunately, the pictograph mostly in the form of monomer, even so, sometimes 'monomer' also is not complete, it can be just a part of an object. Pictograph in groups in the form of probability is very low, even if have, also just show 'seems like like' posture. Pictograph like natural three-dimensional art, not only has a flamboyant personality and always show only its unique masculinity. People confront them, watch the process as well as by the power of baptism and temper. While TuAnShi instead of completely different, it is a flat drawing to reveal their own stone, it in addition to pay attention to the composition and content, color is also indispensable. It always show the pattern, let people to appreciate to find, just like puzzles. It may be a radiant sunrise landscape, may also be a three-dimensional silhouette picture of a pretty girl. It skillfully using the gradient color and contrast, described a set of picture or an object to get incisively and vividly and lifelike. TuAnShi performance content is more, in one scene, multiple objects may occur, and these objects are inextricably inner link, convey different information between each other, let all levels of the viewer can get beautiful enjoyment. Enjoy TuAnShi is training thinking a great method, especially in the face of a piece of abstract TuAnShi time, people thought the window will be opened slowly, and abstract texture or abstract landscapes as a skilled and gentle guide, leading the viewer's mind nerve to walk freely, only then, people's thoughts and feelings to be activated again. If, the embodiment of the pictograph is 'just', then TuAnShi is a description of the 'soft', they use their own different 'personality' influence and infection of the viewer. Pictograph if compared to a story, and TuAnShi is a collection of the story. They form different even some at odds, and spirit to give pleasure to the viewer's original intention is the same, no difference. Actually, the stone itself did not send out the instinct of 'power', whether it is a pictograph or TuAnShi, its key lies in the viewer. You pay attention to it, it will go for you, you of the 'peach', it is submitted to the 'pear', mutual communication, so just show the real beauty of stone. 'Elephant' TuAnShi 'stone'
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