Picard: egg decorating lovers feel

by:Ennas      2021-08-05
Colorful fills the world is such a pair of dexterous hand carved on small shell, and the hands of his master is not specialized carving arts workers, but the Beijing meteorological bureau of weather modification office picard. In 2011, graduated from China meteorological science research institute of atmospheric physics picard, become a member of the city people do, began to work in the aircraft artificial precipitation and atmospheric sounding. After work, egg decorating became his main hobby. Picard said, a first-time egg decorating is read undergraduate course in nanjing in 2008, a chance to see students in with box seal cutting knife carving a maid egg decorating works, from then on he began to fascinated by this door 'point of art'. He use all kinds of cutting tools, combined with our country's prints, paper cutting, such as folk art form, continuously grope for research and innovation. At present, he has nearly 200 works, mythical figure, flower, calligraphy blessing omniscient; Carving technique is eclectic, engraved, embossed, carve technique of Yin and Yang are used, especially the hollow out of his works, is sublime. In picard home, a 'in extremely good fortune' ostrich egg decorating works particularly compelling: on a giant ostrich eggshell, longfeng entrenched play bead, the dragon king look brave, show mighty domineering, phoenix after beautiful elegant, great mother instrument and all the wind model. Each piece of squama, each root chicken feather are visible, the whole works lifelike. Another goose eggs to hollow out the graticule works, but also a special skill, of almost the entire shell fabric lines, each line only 0. 8 mm wide. Other egg decorating all forms, sophisticated chic. In order to increase the aesthetic feeling, picard also made some works show dedicated to hollow out the lights of the base, in the backdrop of the light, these hollow out egg decorating works does not have artistic aesthetic feeling, aftertaste making a person is boundless. Picard's works not only pay attention to the external form, but also pay attention to the connotation. A square and circle of dozens of sizes of goose eggs to hollow out the significance of the egg decorating without can be accomplished without norms or standards; Toroidal coil spring egg decorating by dozens of strings, ring and like a spring scale, this work suggests people face the pressure of life, like spring can stretch contractible, to have a complete and happy life. In addition, picard will also be incorporated in the egg decorating, meteorological work one egg shell carving vividly demonstrates several kinds of common weather modification operation way, has played a very good role of popular science. Be worth what carry is, his works also by foreign ngos 'international' egg artists association and the attention of 'New Zealand egg arts foundation', and invited its membership association. Egg decorating materials is very simple, is all sorts of eggshell, tool is given priority to with kedao, micro drill, etc. Although the cost is low, but the egg decorating works, it requires a lot of heart. According to picard, each one works, are required to pass through design blueprint, carefully selected eggshell, egg liquid corrosion protection, painting paper, sculpture, protection, packaging process. Due to the limited spare time, he completed a more complex work often resulted in a few days or even one or two months of spare time. Egg decorating art is dancing on the thin ice, because in less than 1 mm thickness and fragile eggshell carving, accidentally will plummet. In an interview, he took out a broken egg decorating flowers hollow out design, 'see, was almost finished, ending the hand a shake, is incomplete. 'Said picard lovingly. Talking about egg decorating, picard feeling: 'now the social competition is intense, the young life a lot of pressure, egg decorating is a very good channel dredge pressure, in the process of carving can also exercise focus, patience, peace of mind. In addition, by egg decorating can not only promote into environmental protection concept, can also carry forward the Chinese traditional culture, and in the creation of the work show my thinking and feeling about life, communication aesthetics is energy. ”
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