Phthalates (plasticizers) in plastic toys can cause precocious puberty in children

by:Ennas      2021-12-07

The reporter learned from the Yangzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau yesterday that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government clarified the content of plasticizers in toys and children's products for the first time, and the standard will take effect on July 1. Toy exports occupies an important position in our city’s foreign trade. The EU’s previous 'Strict Toys New Regulations in History' made our city’s toy companies feel chilly. What impact will the introduction of Hong Kong’s new toy regulations have? New standards for children’s toys: Yangzhou enterprises: little impact. It is understood that the standards formulated by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Limit standard for phthalates.   Earlier, the “new regulations for the most stringent toys in history” promulgated by the European Union made the city’s toy companies 'suddenly cold' and caused heavy losses. The introduction of new regulations for children's toys in Hong Kong this time will have an impact on toy companies in our city? “In Europe, the United States and other countries, the use of phthalates in children’s products has been strictly controlled. As early as February 2011, the European Union directly included phthalates on the chemical phase-out list. We in Yangzhou Most of the toy companies export to the European Union, so they have passed the painful period a long time ago and have more mature technologies and response plans.” said Mr. Shen, the relevant person in charge of Yangzhou Ambex Toys. 'There will be some impact on our Yangzhou toy companies, but the impact will certainly not be great. Most of our toy companies in Yangzhou produce plush toys. Phthalates are mainly used in plastic toys, and their role is to make plastic soft. Diverse, the export scale of plastic toys in our city is not large.” said a person from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce. However, many plastic toys on the market are too simple and the material is not clear. Yesterday, the reporter saw a large number of plastic toys in the Qujiang Small Commodity Wholesale Market and some maternity and baby supplies stores. There are a large number of plastic toys in the toy area, and there are many types, including children playing in water. , Soft toy balls, etc. In the wholesale market, the reporter found that many toy materials are marked very simple, only 'plastic' 'PVC' and so on. Some plastic toys have a pungent odor and color loss. In some maternal and infant stores, children’s toys are relatively more formal and have uniform packaging, but the signs of materials are still not clear. For example, a Dr. Brown pacifier with the words 'food grade polypropylene, medical grade silicone' written in the material , Another kind of children's inflatable racket ball is written '100% safe and non-toxic material PVCA person in charge of a toy manufacturer in Yangzhou who did not want to be named told reporters that he has worked in the toy industry for many years and is familiar with phthalates. This chemical will be added to toys, and some toys are added in a large amount, absolutely exceeding the 0.1% standard.'  'In fact, at the beginning of this year, relevant state departments conducted random inspections and rectifications of toys on the market. The state has already noticed this. Regarding the issue, in two to three years, toys in the Mainland will definitely formulate restrictions in this regard.' The person said frankly.  Experts say   Excessive standards will lead to precocious puberty in children  So, what exactly are phthalates? What kind of harm will it cause to children? 'Phthalates are also known as plasticizers. Its effect can be seen intuitively by taking an example. Some of the freshly squeezed juices we usually drink have plasticizers added. If it is normal juice After standing for a period of time, delamination will occur. With the addition of plasticizer, the juice will not delaminate and the color will be very bright.' said Jing Xiaobi, a professor at the School of Chemical Engineering of Yangzhou University, that phthalates have The role of stabilizer, so it is widely used in children's toys. 'If phthalates are missing, toys will age quickly, have a short lifespan, and have no elasticity. For ordinary toys, even if they are marked with 100% safe and non-toxic materials such as PVC, it does not mean that there are no phthalates in them. Phthalate, because PVC is a material, and phthalate is equivalent to an additive in the material, so many manufacturers do not mark it.' Jing Xiaobi said.   Jing Weibi stated that phthalates can affect the secretion of hormones in the fetus and infants, causing hormone imbalance, leading to precocious puberty in children, and affecting the reproductive system. Therefore, it is important to establish relevant standards.
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