[Photos] Online voting for the 2011 Maternity, Infant and Child Industry Selection Activities is in progress

by:Ennas      2021-11-19

——The 'stronger' in the selection of the heart Interprets the strength of the baby brand. With the rapid expansion of my country's baby consumer market, the baby economy has achieved rapid development in my country, and China's pregnant and baby product market has become a battle between domestic and foreign merchants. Foreign manufacturers are rushing to land on the 'tempting cakes' that have been robbed. Domestic manufacturers are constantly emerging. Various categories of maternity and infant products have sprung up on the market. In order to promote the healthy and orderly development of my country's infant and child industry, promote and commend companies that have made major contributions to the development of China's infant and child industry, establish a brand image for the infant and child industry, and guide the standardized and branded operation of infant and child enterprises. To this end, the Guangdong Light Industry Association, the Guangdong Association of Maternity and Infant Products, Guangdong Xinzhilian Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., and China Baby.com.cn, a number of media units in the infant and child industry in the United Nations, jointly launched the 2011 China Pregnancy and Infant Products Association. Children's industry selection activities. It is reported that this selection activity has set up four major awards: 'Top Ten Independent BrandsThere are more than 130 brands, more than 60 distribution agents and supply chain stores. They are the leaders in the maternity, infant and child industry, and they represent an upward growth force. Who will honor the honor? Who is the best choice in your mind? It is understood that the current event has entered the online voting stage. As long as you are paying attention to the maternity and infant industry and hope to contribute to the maternity and infant industry, hurry up and cast your sacred vote. Log in to http://www.mommybabyexpo.cn/vote/ now to enter the voting page, click on different award names to browse all the participating brands and company information, and based on your understanding of the brand/company, you will be the 'stronger' in your mind 'A precious vote. Online voting can also participate in a lottery and win generous prizes. Each person can vote once per day for the four categories of seven categories of awards (each category of awards is limited to 10 votes at a time). Every time you vote, you will get a chance to draw a lottery. Vote for each of the 7 categories to get 7 chances to draw. If you vote for 10 consecutive days, you will get 70 chances to draw. The more times you participate, the higher your chances of winning. Just take a few minutes to vote for the brands you support, and you will have the opportunity to win huge prizes worth more than 20,000 yuan. It is understood that the selection results of this selection event will be announced at the awards evening held on November 17th on the opening day of the 2011 (third) Guangzhou International Maternity, Baby and Child Products and Clothing Fair, and the online voting will also be a lucky draw. A total of 49 lucky winners in five levels will be selected on the spot by representatives of the winning companies that night. Who is your favorite brand in the 2011 selection of maternity, infant and child industries? Who is the best merchant in your mind? Pick up the mouse in your hand and vote for your favorite brand or business! Selection voting page: http://www.mommybabyexpo.cn/vote/
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