Passion and classic - — Tang big jubilee statuettes show

by:Ennas      2020-06-17
Core tip: 'lu xun and xu guangping' tang tang big jubilee works big jubilee 'brave warrior' tang big jubilee writings hold up tomorrow time: March 31 solstice location: on April 19, guangdong museum of art exhibition hall 1 and 2 as 'lu xun and xu guangping' tang tang big jubilee works big jubilee 'brave warrior' tang big jubilee writings hold up tomorrow time: March 31 solstice location: on April 19, guangdong museum of art exhibition hall 1 and 2 as yesterday's 'passion and classic - — Tang big jubilee statuettes show 'is to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, hosted by the guangdong museum, guangzhou federation, guangzhou figurine institute and other units jointly organized. Tang big jubilee figurine works in this exhibition 'tome' masterpiece of winning, the gallery passion to welcome guests at the door of two representative works, 'lu xun and xu guangping' and 'blouse', one is to describe complex and profound friendship, passion s two friend, another is a grown quite impressive blouse girl's classic, two piece set each other off becomes an interest, more and not standing in the guangdong museum outside the 'naked girls on horseback archery' works express the image of the brave warrior - — To fight for the truth of the people 'from afar the audience is not in the exhibition, will be his work by surprise. According to tang big jubilee himself, the exhibition exhibited a total of 56 he since the 1950 s works, including his already famous in the representative work of art, such as: 'OuYangHai', 'the daughter of the sea', 'enlightenment', 'the future belongs to me' and so on. In addition, the exhibition on display a time span for up to 30 of the spring and autumn period and the works - — 'Magnificent poem', this work describes a prop 'flag', 'assembly' of that kind of passion of the Anti-Japanese War, is to commemorate the 60 anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people's war of resistance against Japan and works. But because the work is too big, cannot put to the museum, so you also stay in guangzhou small statue park, art gallery, the scene shows only the work of miniature version and high-definition pictures, exhibition, the audience can see it, feel the great passion of work force. In one of the most prominent showroom footpath small white marble sculpture 'hold up tomorrow', using the image of the 'big hands, small hands', suggests that 'the previous generation with the next generation' in the relation of 'size up' that should have tolerance, passion and the power of the interaction relations. In the exhibition hall 1, considering the tang big jubilee in most of the passionate s creation, such as 'night of the harvest, with' fire 'scene, shows a kind of approximate north guangdong dayaoshan regional' raw 'folk life scenes, quite lively and pleasant; 'Laughter mountains' performance is educated youth to the countryside; While trumpeting the OuYangHai recreates a generation of heroes OuYangHai use life to defend the interests of the people's scenario, featuring OuYangHai on the railway to the launched a carried ammunition horse track, in order to avoid greater risk that instant hero image. Tang big jubilee works and accumulation of the two kinds of the elements of style, he live in the south, but at the same time with open mind focus on the characteristics of the style of the northern figurines, beautiful and do not break its work atmosphere, polite and do not break of powerful, at the same time, he also attaches great importance to the figurines decorative effect, ethos in conveying characters at the same time, give the beauty of decoration to work. So his statuettes very well with the surrounding environment, also willing to appreciate the general public. Tang big jubilee, born in 1936 in shantou city, guangdong chenghai person, national first-level artists. 1985 guangzhou figurines court President, honorary President of the 1998. Member of China artists association, director of the institute of Chinese figurines, small national urban sculpture art committee, any artist association, vice chairman of guangdong province, guangzhou city, guangzhou artist association, vice President of federation chairman. Journey to create more than half a century of creation, tang big jubilee along with the ups and downs of the republic, search for the correspondency of social, age and spirit, to create the art of scale in the limits of the situation is can withstand, obtain the biggest play. His passion and poetic molded a series of red classic, Qian Shaowu will be summed up as 'tang big jubilee phenomenon'.
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