Parents should pay attention to the new standard information on toys when buying toys for their children

by:Ennas      2021-12-24

The Spring Festival is approaching, and children's toys have reached the peak season for sales. Since January 1st, new standards for children's toys in my country have been issued. The staff of the Municipal Consumers Association reminded that you should pay attention to the toy information when purchasing and purchase new standard children's toys. It is understood that the new standard clearly stipulates the limit requirements of plasticizers that are of public concern and the sound produced by toys.   Yesterday, the reporter saw in the mall that there are few new standard toys in the children's toy store, and some more expensive toys are only marked with trademark certification, 3c certification or age-appropriate reminder. Individual stores stated that they are not clear about the new standards for children's toys. During the visit, some citizens said they did not understand. 'We just want to buy toys that are durable or that the child likes as much as possible when buying toys for children. We haven't really considered national standards.' said Ms. Yang, who is buying toys.   So, what exactly is the new standard, and what impact does it have? Subsequently, the reporter contacted the Consumers Association, and the staff responded that the new standard toys will be safer for children. Previously, most toys implemented mandatory 3c certification, and after January 1, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standards Committee approved the release of the gb6675-2014 version of 'Toy Safety Part One: Basic Specifications' and 'Toy Safety Section'. Part Two: Mechanical and Physical Performance, 'Toy Safety Part III: Flammability PerformanceThe four standards are revised from the gb6675-2003 'National Toy Safety Technical Code'. The new standard has the following changes: For plasticizers of public concern, six plasticizers including dibutyl phthalate (dbp) are listed as restricted substances, and the limit requirements are the same as those in the EU; The safety, performance and testing methods of related products such as cradles, baby pacifiers, plush and cloth toys have been standardized; the new standard has further improved the requirements for safety indicators such as sound, mechanical parts, and combustion performance. Should exceed 65 decibels. Similarly, the new standard also adds requirements for magnets and magnetic parts to prevent magnetic materials or parts from being swallowed by children and causing injuries. The staff of the Municipal Consumers Association stated that the new standard guarantees the safety of toy products to the greatest extent and protects the health of children to the greatest extent. Parents are advised to pay attention to the information on the new standards when purchasing toys for their children.
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