Papaya Education enters Zhengzhou Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition

by:Ennas      2021-12-16

It is reported that the 7th China (Zhengzhou) Eurasian International Early Childhood Education Expo (hereinafter referred to as: Eurasian Early Childhood Education Exhibition) will be grandly opened at the Zhengzhou Central Plains International Expo Center on June 12-14, 2015. After six years of perfect experience and precipitation, the 2015 Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition has been unprecedentedly strong. Although the exhibition started less than half a month, 70% of the boutique booths in the main exhibition hall have been sold out. Papaya Education Consulting Co., Ltd. firmly seized the opportunity and entered the Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition. Since its establishment in 2003, Yiwu Papaya Education Consulting Co., Ltd. has been committed to producing a series of educational aids for early childhood education. The company has been cooperating with Korea's most powerful company 'Knowledge and Imagination Company' throughout the year to integrate the internationally leading mathematics management curriculum system into the teaching environment. Papaya has always adhered to the service concept of 'safety first' and 'customer first'. The teaching aids produced have passed CE international certification, and the product sales are among the best in the industry. The relevant person in charge of Papaya said: Since its establishment, Papaya Education has been working hard to develop new products while also constantly developing new markets. When trying to promote through different channels, we noticed that many colleagues in the same industry have achieved good results with the short and fast platform of the Eurasian Early Childhood Education Exhibition. Therefore, we immediately learned that the Eurasian Early Childhood Education Exhibition was launched as soon as possible. Signed a boutique booth, we believe that the excellent results brought by the Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition will promote our cooperation again! It is reported that in order to repay the strong support of new and old customers over the years, the Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition will comprehensively upgrade its marketing model. In 2015, on the basis of continuing to invite 40,000 professional visitors, 5,000 distributors and kindergarten 'top leaders' will be invited to visit the venue in person for purchases. , To ensure that the exhibition effect is 100% improved! For more details, please visit the official website of the Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition www.ouyakids.com, or call the organizing committee 0371-60272790 (Liu Hao). You can also log on to our official WeChat public platform: 'Eurasia Preschool Education Exhibition' to interact with us .
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