Pakistan's bronze originated in xinjiang

by:Ennas      2021-08-01
Core tip: Pakistan has a long history, with strong ethnic characteristics. Pakistan because Pakistan's border with xinjiang in China, the manual bronze sculptures, wood carving products, also has become the xinjiang each big shops & quot; Pakistan has a long history, with strong ethnic characteristics. Pakistan because Pakistan's border with xinjiang in China, the manual bronze sculptures, wood carving products, also has become each big stores' customers' in xinjiang. Pakistan cast copper sculpture handicraft most representative in the whole arts and crafts. Has hundreds of years of history, at first, they mainly in stone sculpture, later carved on the surface of copper. Pakistan with copper carved out of the bottle, pot, plate, and all sorts of modelling of zodiac animals, image lifelike, lifelike. Pakistan bronze is not simple to use mould cooked up by batch, and every vessel are carved by hand, polishing, painting or paint, each a condensed the exquisite workmanship and unique craftsmanship. Cast copper components: Pakistan cast copper sculpture handicraft from the process can be divided into 15 kinds of craft, thousands of varieties, everything according to the needs of carving arts and crafts copper content about roughly 60%, other metal alloy content accounts for about 40%. The process is: 1, 2, spare parts welding mold foundry 3, polishing finishing, polishing, electroplating 4 5, line engraving, hand-cut processing 7, 6, Roast) Paint to shape. Carving techniques: side cutter, stand DaoZao, flat knife cut. Give priority to with family manual mill production methods:, grandfathers, handed down from generation to generation. Apprentice mostly from five or six years, and he began his apprenticeship, to 15, 6 skilled another portal, lifetime is engaged in the copper handicraft carving. Carved: mainly side knife carving method, first draw design or animal model, and then the fine vulture thin chisel carved neat and orderly, is characterized by intensive of carve patterns or designs on woodwork. Black paint: pay attention to color, its main color is black, be in the narrative or animal motifs, most with strong national characteristics, mostly with 'impossible' for the material, carving is relatively small, suit to put in the home, office, hotel, education institutions, can give a person with artistic enjoyment. Jane: carving carving decorative pattern is simpler, design is less, hand-cut area accounts for only around sixty percent of the area of the mould, such products generally by beginners. Discus: first plating of the lacquer that bake, with red, green, blue, brown, gorgeous colour such as black, then use knife carving out the main outline of the wide, final reoccupy carved method for ornament. Its characteristics show the instinctive quality of copper, and there are bold colors, like the rainbow after the rain, so the name 'colorful'. Double color: this process is currently all the treasures of tripod handicraft, the technological process is complicated, the processing difficulty is big, its color is black, and silver plating for the first time after the completion of the carving, carving end to burnish. Although this kind of products are black or white, but there is a clear contrast effect, showing the splendid feeling. Copper carved black yellow stone: grey, with large area wide knife cut, the touch of the product color with black, so the name 'black', show a kind of rugged beauty. Golden flower: the main color is golden yellow, with flowers and birds wood as the theme, adhere to the red, green, blue wait for color to try to coordinate the collocation, give a person with lively and relaxed feeling. Pakistan adjacent to the west of xinjiang, is rich in copper, is one who has a full-bodied amorous feelings of the Muslim countries, Pakistan handicrafts produced exquisite, phyletic and various, especially the most representative of the chrome accessories, manually produce bronze of exquisite, cuddly, a seemingly ordinary piece of copper, in the hands of craftsmen in Pakistan, after melting, molding, grinding, cut, color, and became one beauty is fantastic arts and crafts, is you to donate, bedroom of deck of this with friends, the best gift. Crafts will be in Pakistan, a bridge of people-to-people exchanges between our two peoples, enhance mutual understanding between the two peoples, and communicate with each other.
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