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by:Ennas      2021-12-25

Introduction: With the successful acquisition of Leapfrog by VTech, the global ELA (Electronic Learning Aids, electronic learning equipment) toy market seems to have been included in the VTech Group, although MGA Entertainment is also not performing in this field. Vulgar. In recent years, ELA, the toy category, has continued to increase in importance as early education toys and technological advancement is booming. Children also prefer to use these interactive electric toys to learn letters, shapes, and colors. It can be seen from VTech It is not unreasonable to spend huge sums of money to seize the market. Global ELA Toys: A Dominant, Unique Winning Vtech successfully acquired Leapfrog for US$72 million, which is undoubtedly one of the biggest news in the global toy industry in 2016. Before joining forces, Vtech and Leapfrog were originally the top two giants in the global ELA (electronic learning equipment) market. The 'Big Mac' formed after the combination will undoubtedly lead this ELA category. In particular, Leapfrog has a huge market share in the US market and will definitely create a new market and great value for the VTech Group after this acquisition. At the beginning of this year, VTech Group also disclosed its latest ELA product lineup in 2016, including a three-in-one study table with interactive learning cards, a new theme of the star production line Go! Go! Smart series, which can interact with children Of smart dolls, and more than 40 brand new products suitable for preschool children aged 0-6 years. In front of the 'Big MacThe company's marketing director Lindsay Hardy said in an interview that although Trends UK is an absolute novice in the ELA toy field, he has very optimistic expectations for the new Peppa Pig series that will enter the market this year. In terms of marketing, the company has taken a hurricane-like marketing offensive against parents of preschool children around the world. More importantly, Peppa Pig itself is already a British cartoon image that is popular all over the world. Peppa Pig’s animated cartoon of the same name was launched in 2004. After its premiere on British TV stations FIVE and NICK JR., TV channels in more than 120 countries around the world have been broadcasted one after another, and its DVDs have also created an amazing sales volume. Trend UK believes that, compared to other purely entertaining ELA toys, the ELA toys in the image of Peppa Pig are obviously more popular with mothers. As the latest technology is increasingly used in the education industry, and the concept of STEM continues to be promoted and strengthened, many European and American toy retailers realize that more parents choose to buy ELA toy products to let their children learn Have fun and focus on learning. Just like Stephen Barns of toy barnhaus said: 'From the first generation of children's tablets of Vtech and Leapfrog, we have full confidence in this category, and sales are also very good. We believe that this is a toy category that continues to grow. After all, in this era that is inseparable from computers and the Internet, children will be exposed to these sooner or later. Parents’ desire to buy proves this statement.' The most anticipated ELA toy alphabet crocodile brand in 2016: Vtech is ready for one. Have a fun crocodile adventure? Vtech's cute little crocodile toy can teach children over 2 years old to easily learn 26 letters and their pronunciation through friendly interaction. There are 26 colorful letter buttons on the little crocodile. Pulling the front line can trigger the motion sensor to play an interesting song for children. The toy also includes 5 interactive games and an 'exam mode' that encourages children to test their learning achievements. Countable Musical Turtle Brand: Leapfrog This lively and singing tortoise provides 3 fast learning modes. For example, friends can listen carefully to find the buttons where the numbers and colors are, and decide the winner before the end of the music. There are 8 nice songs in Little Tortoise. Children can follow the flashing of the music button in the music mode to find out who has the better memory. Peppa Pig Alphabet Bus Brand: Trends UK Trends UK launched a series of Peppa Pig-themed e-learning toys in 2016. The flagship alphabet bus can teach children how to pronounce letters, colors, and words through sound and light interaction. The series of products also include Peppa Pig children's mobile phones and children's handheld computers that can emit cartoon-themed music.
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