Over 10,000 purchasers of preschool education supplies have the first to experience the four-in-one promotion service of China Toy Fair

by:Ennas      2021-12-04

In order to vigorously promote the construction of kindergartens and the sound development of preschool education in China, help kindergarten purchasers, kindergarten principals, heads of early education institutions, etc. understand the new products, new ideas and new trends of the preschool education supplies industry, and stand out in the fierce competition. In 2014, the China Toys and Baby Products Association changed its name to 'China International Toys and Educational Equipment Exhibition\The new upgrade of the preschool education supplies pavilion facilitates purchases for buyers . This year's kindergarten education supplies hall is newly upgraded. One of the characteristics that distinguishes it from similar domestic exhibitions is its international positioning and characteristics. It has gathered more than 200 high-end brands at home and abroad, in addition to attracting mainland Yucai, Huaxia, Watsonway, and Sun Preschool. In addition to the appearances of, Zhencai, Muwan Family, etc., it was also sought after by LittleTikes in the United States, Beleduc in Germany, Gonge in Denmark, IQKEY, YAYA, Interstar in Israel, ACI in Malaysia, Gigo in Taiwan, Weplay, and USL. Activity supplies are all available, providing an excellent platform for the purchase of preschool education channels, kindergartens, and early education institutions at home and abroad, helping purchasers to purchase conveniently. The pre-school education forum is newly launched to help buyers grasp the international trend. As the classic standard of China Toy Fair, the China International Pre-school Education Development and Innovation Seminar has new industry leaders, new preschool education courses, and new preschool education concepts. Buyers can not only observe new products, but also have the opportunity to grasp the latest development trend of the international preschool education industry. This year’s forum will continue to integrate resources such as preschool education authorities and the media, and invite experts in the fields of linguistics, sociology, early childhood education, educational psychology, etc. from the United States, the Netherlands, and Germany to conduct in-depth discussions on the latest topics in kindergartens and showcase internationally featured cases on the spot. , In an interactive form to help the audience to grasp the pulse of the industry ahead of competitors and increase operating profits. It is reported that, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the forum, the meeting is only for preschool education institutions, purchasers of preschool education supplies, kindergarten principals, early education institutions, parent-child centers, art and various interest training institutions, educational research and development institutions, franchise franchises, nurseries and other industry colleagues in various provinces and cities. open. Preschool education supplies procurement guidelines are first published to help easily connect with high-quality suppliers. At present, there are many catalogs or guide versions that guide kindergartens procurement in the world, but they are less authoritative and single-sided. In particular, there is no reasonable evaluation system for product safety. In order to overcome this shortcoming, the association will organize experts for the first time to launch the 'Guidelines for Safe Procurement of Kindergarten Equipment'. It is reported that at the end of March this year, the association organized a kindergarten preschool education product procurement exchange meeting in Beijing. The heads and purchasing managers of all kindergartens attending the meeting praised the association’s initiatives. The guide takes product safety as the core, and catalogues the standardized equipment for activities and teaching aids at the corners of the kindergarten sports activity area, role-playing area, scientific activity area, construction area, puzzle area, performance area, art and handicraft area, and teaching area. Incorporating multiple indicators such as product certification, corporate qualifications, annual sales, membership levels, and bid-winning information into the evaluation system will surely become a reference book for education administration departments, bidding agencies, and kindergarten principals across the country to understand new products, companies, and brands. Online magazine linkage precise direct delivery service. Buyers are not closed for 365 days. In order to meet the constant purchase needs of various buyers of preschool education supplies, the association is making every effort to create an online exhibition that does not end. , Electronic direct mail, WeChat and other communication channels, the first time to deliver professional and practical information such as new products, new brands, new markets, and to complement offline exhibitions and complement each other, allowing you to control the latest trends in activities in a timely manner. Improve the timeliness of procurement. At the same time, the association also launched a yellow page library of excellent channel dealers through its official website to recommend and match new products and suppliers in response to individual needs. A few days ago, the pre-registration system for buyers of the China Toy Fair Preschool Education Supplies Pavilion has also been fully opened. Agents, distributors, and kindergarten directors at home and abroad have logged on to the official website of the China Toy Fair Preschool Education Supplies Pavilion www.china-toy-expo.com , Call 010-66038881-215 or scan the QR code for pre-registration, you can experience the exhibition 'four-in-one' combination promotion service launched by the organizer.
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