Opening figurines Shi Ji collection 'three beauty' made its debut

by:Ennas      2021-09-26
Core tip: Shi Ji figurine works of 'three beauty' should be ni was taken Saturday June 24 (Reuters) - Beijing Journalists should be ni) Shi Ji collection 24 opening ceremony held in Beijing's sanlitun SOHO, Shi Ji figurine works on display at the same time 'three beauty' should be ni was taken Saturday in Beijing on June 24 (Reuters) - Journalists should be ni) Shi Ji collection 24 sanlitun SOHO held the opening ceremony in Beijing, at the same time, more than 20 Shi Ji traditional Chinese painting and oil painting exhibition, as well as Shi Ji 'three beauty' small sculpture unveiling ceremony. This exhibition works of both 'female worm fill day', 'ocean's palace' and other traditional ink classics, and the ancestors are buddhist, 'exclusive figure' and so on a representative work of 'three as one' style; On display at the same time have a beautiful Chinese paintings, including the debut of 3 m x 3 m painting book 'lotus far holding garment' and 'drunk YaoTai' and so on one batch of oil products. At the same time, the 'three beauty' series of Shi Ji figurine works also in their first appearance in the collection. Each group works with three women as the main body, form positive or representational, impression, or abstract technique, present different face every Angle and posture, with traditional Chinese elements and complex, with among them such as wings and flying crane and vibration heron for couple of doves, austral hope to peacock. The exhibition of the three groups of sculpture works Shi Ji art aesthetic and creative success in the field of new development, is the 'three as one' again the perfect expression of individual style, is the deep understanding of Chinese and western culture with simple and loyal feelings together again. Shi Ji, born in 1940 in fujian fuqing, Beijing art academies professional painter. Its advocates art form three like ( Representational, impression, abstract) Simultaneously and the theory of 'Chinese painting polyhedron', after decades of exploration established 'the unity of' three big visual style. Shi Ji traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, calligraphy, figurines are fine, has won four organizations as diverse as the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural world peace, and exhibition gold award, France the Louvre art salon built Shi Ji gallery ( Yantai city government building) 。
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