Online overseas brand toy production areas show head phenomenon, Danish brand sales 240 million tops the list

by:Ennas      2022-01-15
With the development of society, traditional offline sales have slowly evolved into online sales, and even started live streaming to bring goods online, becoming one of the most important sales channels in major industries. According to data from ECdataway, in January 2020, toys/babys/puzzles/building blocks/models focused on Taobao accounted for 68.7%, sales were up to 5.23 billion yuan, Tmall accounted for 21.6%, followed by JD.com. According to ECdataway data in January 2020, from the perspective of sales rankings of production areas, online overseas brand toy production areas show a head phenomenon, and about 17.9% of the head production areas contribute about 86.2% of overseas brand sales. Among them, the top five overseas brands in sales are the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and France. The United States ranked first with 1.227 million sales, twice as much as the second-place Japanese origin. The reason is that the well-known toy brands Mattel and Hasbro are from the United States, and the two giants have many brands; Japanese brands include Dumex and Bandai Nangong Dream. Judging from the sales ranking of origin, the top five are Denmark, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Canada. Online overseas brand toy production areas show a head phenomenon, with approximately 10.7% of head production areas contributing approximately 82.7% of overseas brand sales. Among them, Denmark topped the list with 240 million yuan in sales, far ahead of other overseas brands. The Japanese brand's origin ranks second with 110 million yuan. Speaking of Danish toys, we have to think of Lego, the signature brand in gold. It is worth noting that in 2019, according to the global value brand rankings released by Brand Finance, Lego Denmark still stands out, ranking first with a brand value of US$6.757 billion, far ahead of other brands. Brand concentration in the toy market has always been low. For foreign brands to expand into the domestic market, online is still one of the important development channels. According to ECdataway data, in January 2020, LEGO/Lego had the highest share of 12.4%. The price is 113.5 yuan higher than the average price of the top 10 brands. It is worth noting that in YTD Jan20, according to the Tmall platform, the volume and price of LEGO/Lego, Sunny baby/Sunshine baby, BABYCARE, and card game brands are on the rise, while the volume and price of Gogoshou, NUKied/Newkey, and Kalulu are on the rise. Rising prices and falling prices, KUB/Kyobi brand prices rising and falling. In addition to the AULDEY/Audi double diamond, the Disney/Disney brand market is shrinking. Among them, the decline of Audi's double diamonds was due to the company's strategic and proactive adjustment of the toy business category structure. Today, young parents spend less and less time in toy stores, and the trend of online shopping has a direct impact on the types of toys they buy. As the main group of maternal and child consumer groups, the new generation of parents are generally highly educated and have outstanding personalities. In the process of parenting, they tend to be more individualized. When it comes to toy choices, which ones are they more inclined to choose? According to a survey conducted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, from 2014 to 2018, the average annual spending on toys for households in Mainland China increased significantly, from RMB 1,069 to RMB 2,596, an increase of 143%. One of the important reasons for this increase in expenses is the rapid development of STEM toys. This type of toys focuses on education, which is entertaining and can bring new experiences to children at the same time. What is the online data for STEM toys? According to ECdataway data, sales in the first six months of 2019 increased by 118.4% year-on-year, showing a clear growth trend. In terms of its hot products, the most popular brand on the Tmall platform is ravensburger, with sales of 187,000, priced at 70-450 yuan, accounting for 41.2%, an increase of 41.2%; followed by MAGFX (Magfx magnetic sheet building blocks in the United States), accounting for 15.8 %; HAPE accounted for 10.3; the most popular brand on the JD platform is hw/Hengwu, priced from 16 to 200 yuan, and its sales amounted to 26,000, accounting for 24.1%, an increase of 24.1%. Secondly, think tanks accounted for 21.5%, with sales of 24,000. The parents of millennials are result-driven. They don't just want to keep their children entertained and have things to do, but they want to make them more physically, mentally and socially. From a sales perspective, the STEM toy channel is still dominated by Tmall. Among them, in the STEM toy category, parents are still willing to pay for such products, even if the price is higher. Previous data showed that 98% of parents are willing to buy STEM toys, and the acceptable average price is 414 yuan, which is much higher than the 199 yuan for ordinary toys. From the perspective of users, parents use this toy to cultivate children's interest in science, workshops, and hands-on skills. YTD Jan20, the most popular among toy sub-category toy classification attributes is disassembly toy attributes, accounting for 26.1%, an increase of 4.8%, and sales of 1.39 billion yuan. Among them, in the building block category, according to ECdataway data, in January 2020, the top 10 best-selling brands on Tmall are Kalulu, Zongman, Lego, Mu Duola, Lezhiyou, Mr. Toys, Xingyu, Little Assistant, Xiong Dabao, Hape. From the perspective of brands, the brand concentration of Pincha Building Blocks is high, and the impact of domestic brands is obvious, and the top 10 domestic brands account for 70%. Among them, Kalulu accounted for 14.5%, an increase of 14.5%, the product price was 30 to 500 yuan, and its sales amounted to 299,000. Comprehensive comics accounted for 13.6%, sales reached 27.9; Lego accounted for 6.8%, sales of 139,000 yuan. For children, building blocks and snowflakes can be inserted easily and have strong plasticity. The three-dimensional construction method allows children to understand the relationship between points, lines and surfaces, and think about how to form various shapes, which fully stimulates children. Our imagination and creativity. At the same time, a survey shows the difference between boys and girls choosing to buy toys. Among them, boys prefer to buy technology products, and girls prefer to buy doll toys. But building blocks and DIY toys are toys that are loved by boys and girls at the same time.
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