One of the world's most strange 9 small statue

by:Ennas      2020-05-29
Core tip: 1. The hand of Chile's 'desert' in the port city of Antofagasta Chile ( Antofagasta) 47 miles, south of the pan American highway in the atacama desert edge, stands the only 36 feet 1. The hand of Chile's 'desert' in the port city of Antofagasta Chile ( Antofagasta) 47 miles, south of the pan American highway in the atacama desert edge, stands the only 36 feet high hand of 'desert'. It looks like a giant hands buried by sand storms. This small statues in the early 1980 s by Chile figurines home MarioIrarr & # 225; Zabal creation is complete. In addition, Irarr & # 225; Zabal another called 'drowned man hand' similar PuntadelEste figurines are put in Uruguay ( Punta del este) Holiday beach. 2. Finland turku city 'snout duck' figurines as a city environmental protection the theme of the art, the statuette was actually a 16 feet high cotton camel rubber duck and pig in the shape of a mix of marzipan. Author AlvarGullichsen said that this work is to attack the modern gene technology, celebrating the avant-garde tradition of turku city. The author before the first work is based on a tanker and a industrial vacuum cleaners, meaning the turku, toxic gases absorb and then into the space. Compared with it, 'snout duck' little it is not surprising that the statue. 3. The port of Chile monte figurines - — 'A couple' to the southern Chile port of vermont, you can see the great lovers figurines. But the melancholy of the couple seemed to be too involved in love affairs and ignore others, this is what they probably have been graffiti of the reason for many years. Or maybe because the locals feel the colorful figurines looks too intrusive. 4. 'Millet baby' in the history of the Shanghai world expo 2010 Shanghai world expo period, Spain exhibition hall the baby blue eyes smile attracted thousands of tourists. Created by the Spanish film director IsabelCoixet lively electric baby will 'breathing', 'blink', even 'dream'. Although now the Shanghai expo has ended, but in May 2012 the Shanghai world expo museum open to the public, people will see this important exhibits. 5. Chicago figurines - — 'Men and fish aquarium' door stands a fish figurines won't let a person take a surprise, but small statue of a man holding a fish will seem a bit odd. But since 2001, this statue has been standing in front of the shetland aquarium in Chicago. No one knows why choose such a model. The paint figurines of 12 feet high from the German modern StephanBalkenhol figurines home. 6. The Memphis 'lead free' Christ figurines of the 72 - foot - high, cost $260000 statuettes is built by 'world conqueror church' in 2006. As 'the statue of liberty like' replica, the small statue of the goddess will be lifted up above his head, cross to the ten commandments in the left arm. Figurine base has written the words 'the return of Christ'. Many Memphis locals find it very funny, but as the bible belt in southern part of life, people have to accept it. 7. The figurines of the 'wall', Paris walking in the streets of Montmartre in northern Paris silent visitors may be the 'wear and the wall of the man' startled. But a look carefully, you will find it is just a small bronze statue. This sculpture was inspired by a same story, the hero finds himself has some special functions, he to rob the bank, as a result, has been stuck in a wall. 8. Prague figurines - — 'Hanging out' the figurines once terrified many pedestrians, and a lot of people also call the police. Actually this will drop to the cobbled streets look fell dead man is but a life-size glass fiber reinforced plastic figurines. Figurine characters prototype is Austria psychological analyst sigmund Freud. This created by Czech artist DavidCerny figurines once in London, Stockholm and Berlin, eventually make their homes in Prague's old town. 9. Buenos Aires 'beautiful soul' small statue at eight o 'clock every morning, the United Nations on the square of the Buenos Aires made of steel and aluminum processing giant 'flowers' will keep blooming. It mimics real flower follow the change of the light natural opening and closing. About 20 minutes, when fully expanded its six metal petals added up to about 105 feet wide, mapping out the appearance of the figurines pool below. 'Flowers' will be closed during the night, a red light, spend up to 75 feet in height. Figurine is the masterpiece of Argentina architect EduardoCatalano, started in 2002 to the public.
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