One of Germany's most well-known toy brands-hape toys

by:Ennas      2021-12-23

Which country does hape originate from? How about hape toys? Compared with Lego, Mattel, Bandai and other toy companies, hape is not so famous and has no such long history, but it can be said to be a legendary children's toy brand, but it also has a 30-year history. It can be said to be one of Germany's most well-known toy brands and is deeply loved by children all over the world. Which country does hape originate from?  Hape International Holding Group is the world's largest wooden toy manufacturer, headquartered in Luzern, Switzerland, founded by the German Mr. Peter Handstein. In 1986, Peter Hansdam established the first Hape company in Germany to provide German kindergartens with high-quality toys and teaching aids. From a mountain village kindergarten toy supplier to a global high-quality toys for children. The company was founded in Germany, and later moved to Lucerne, Switzerland to meet the needs of the group’s business development, and set up branches in Canada, Italy, France, China, and Hong Kong. Its products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world. In September 2002, Ningbo Yiren Toys Co., Ltd. was established.  How about hape toys? good or not?   HAPE toys have been passed down from generation to generation because of their durability, and numerous creative designs have burst out in the spark of disruptive thinking. The gameplay of each HAPE game is never defined by convenience, language, or even gender. Everyone in the world can get the greatest happiness from HAPE toys! The brand owner of   Hape develops educational wooden toys for 0-6 year old babies around the world, independently designs, develops, and produces bamboo and wooden toys, creating a new field of educational products. Enlighten and promote the healthy growth and development of children; advocate and uphold an ecological and environmentally friendly production and lifestyle. The reduction, recycling and reuse of resources are not empty talks, but the purpose of hape's reputation, raw materials, new production, and packaging- --Each link of toy manufacturing has a sense of responsibility for protecting the environment. Because the product is geared towards children, the environment has become the primary factor to consider.   In short, a toy company that bears the responsibility on its shoulders and keeps the future in mind, it must not be too bad.
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