One million children, tens of billions of business opportunities, Shenzhen children's amusement market is promising

by:Ennas      2021-12-20

Millions of children, tens of billions of business opportunities, the fourth wave of baby booms has brought unprecedented prosperity to the 'child economyThe new darling competing to solicit. In this context, the '2015 Shenzhen International Maternity, Infant and Child Industry Expo and Parent-Child Experience Exhibition' held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on August 13-15, 2015, is the only maternity, infant and child exhibition in Shenzhen, based on creating a one-stop The interactive experience platform for parent-child amusement, professional experience, elite education, and discounted shopping has become the focus of the industry, and the children’s amusement sector is particularly interesting. 10 billion business opportunities for millions of children. At present, the number of new babies added every year in China is the highest in the world, reaching about 20 million. The country’s new maternal and child products market is over 180 billion yuan each year. The rapid growth is expected to reach 2 trillion yuan in 2015. Shenzhen has always been an important segment of China's pregnant, infant and child market. Statistics show that Shenzhen has an average per capita age of 33.6 years, which is the first-tier city with the youngest per capita age in my country. This population structure dominated by youth of childbearing age has brought more than 200,000 newborn babies to Shenzhen every year in recent years. At present, the number of children and babies under the age of 14 in Shenzhen exceeds 1 million. Such a large number is enough to form a Type II big city, which has brought about rising children's entertainment, education, shopping and other related needs. Experts have estimated that conservatively based on the average monthly expenditure of 1,500 yuan per family on children, the entire Shenzhen children's economic market will be no less than 20 billion yuan a year. Children's amusement is favored as a frontier city of reform and opening up and a core city in South China. Shenzhen has the highest per capita GDP in the country and has a large mid-to-high-end consumer group. It is a strategic location for the mother and baby market and a stage for children's amusement equipment brands to flex their muscles. With the emergence of more and more children's products in the market, children's clothing, toys and baby products are in full bloom. For fashion-conscious Shenzhen parents, there is no ambiguity in children's dressing, education, and entertainment. Based on this, all major stores are optimistic about the '1+2+4' modern family model behind the children's consumer group, and pay close attention to the 'child economyIn the layout and display, as far as possible to satisfy both large and small customers, at the same time, more humanized services and facilities have been introduced, especially various children's experience amusement equipment is a magic weapon for attracting customers. It is understood that the current children's experiential amusement brands in the Shenzhen market are mainly divided into four types: children's amusement parks, children's professional experience halls, children/youth sports exploration parks, and baby swimming pools. Among the children's amusement park brands, 'Randou Park' is the leader, with more than 30 stores in Shenzhen, followed by Adventure Island and Leyou Children's Park. The children's occupational experience hall is mainly 'Dikeco Children's Occupational Experience Town' and 'Melu Town'. Children/Youth Discovery Park, mainly located in Futian COCOpark 'Junang Boy Scouts' and 'Hapi Kids' in Shanghefang. And the baby swimming pool, formed Dr. Ma, Qingqing Baby, Hong Kong 3861 Infant and Toddler Constant Temperature Swimming Pool, Kissing Fish Many well-known chain baby swimming pool brands such as Le and the expansion of such brands are also beginning to target large shopping malls. As a vibrant city, Shenzhen may also have more children's business brands in the future. Experiential marketing opens a new chapter in marketing channels. Similar to these emerging children's formats and the large-scale maternity, infant and child experiential mall model that has attracted the attention of the industry, it will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition on August 13-15, 2015. 2015 Shenzhen Parent-Child Experience ExhibitionCommodity shopping, while integrating early education, theme photography, fun activities, etc., is the first to create a 'one-stop experience exhibition platform.' According to the person in charge of the organizing committee, the children's play section will be one of the highlights of this exhibition. All kinds of children's travel Amusement parks, children’s occupational experience halls, children/youth sports exploration parks, etc. will be assembled in the convention and exhibition center. Large playgrounds, shopping malls, primary and secondary schools, children’s palaces, children’s centers, kindergartens, communities, etc., and related distributors that these manufacturers pay attention to Businesses and agents will also attend the meeting by appointment. Brand authorization, franchising, and channel laying will become hotspots. Amusement equipment manufacturers provide naughty castles, slides, wave pools, carousels, sand fields, track bumper cars, trains and other collectives. The participation of children and children is naturally indispensable for amusement projects. The person in charge of the organizing committee stated that as the only mainstream exhibition in the maternal and infant field in Shenzhen, it caters to the trend of the experience economy era and adopts a model that combines B2B and B2C to provide companies with A platform that directly faces consumer groups and channel providers and conducts experiential marketing is undoubtedly the preferred platform for pregnant and infant companies, including children's amusement equipment brands, to deploy in Shenzhen and seize the South China market. Contact: Miss Huang Tel: 020-61198851 Exhibition official website: http: //www.szmbc.org
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