On May 23, Wuhan Eurasia Early Childhood Education Exhibition, a preschool education event you have to go to!

by:Ennas      2021-12-27

Wuhan, abbreviated as Han, also known as 'JiangchengThe central city in central China, the largest inland water, land and air transportation hub. The largest preschool education exhibition in the Mainland, the weather vane of industry exhibitions. In 2017, the Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition entered the 11th session. The organizing committee put forward the service tenet of 'new tenth, new measures, heart service, and new upgrade'. In addition to the regular spring and summer exhibition held in Zhengzhou every June, Opened the national tour exhibition, the first stop was in Wuhan. In the first half of 2017, May 23-25, Wuhan Station, June 16-18, Zhengzhou Station double exhibition linkage. With 10 years of accumulation, Zhengzhou Eurasian International Early Childhood Education Expo has witnessed the rise and prosperity of the early childhood education market, and has become a trusted and trusted partner of the industry; whether it is exhibition area, exhibitor scale, number of visitors, forum activities, on-site popularity, exhibition effectiveness, exhibitors In terms of repeat rate and service quality, it has become the first exhibition in the mainland that has been passed down by word of mouth in the industry. The Wuhan Exhibition Tour will closely contact the distributors, channel dealers and professional audience groups such as kindergarten principals in Central and South China, with Wuhan as the center, enriching, enhancing and facilitating the exhibition experience of exhibitors and visitors. The stickiness of preschool education exhibition. On the one hand, it will increase the market share of the Eurasian preschool education exhibition brand. On the other hand, it will expand the brand’s good reputation and the rich exhibition experience accumulated over the past 10 years, inclusive of exhibitors and visitors in the preschool education industry, and promote the overall preschool education industry Progress. In 2017, the Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition was fully launched: From February 13th, the Eurasian Exhibition launched a large number of elevator advertisements in major office buildings and high-end communities in Zhengzhou. At present, the company’s four major themed exhibitions (pregnancy, infants, preschool education, etc.) , Hotels, food materials) have collectively 'showed'; in addition, Eurasian Exhibition has also joined hands with today’s headlines and conducted in-depth cooperation with Internet media celebrities; exhibitors’ VIP dealers enjoy free accommodation in the organizing committee’s star-rated hotels; kindergarten directors’ buses Group visits; a series of professional visitors who enjoy Eurasian exclusive services, such as free participation in the supply and demand matchmaking meeting, are also being invited one-on-one by the experienced customer service team. Looking forward to Jiangcheng in May, a grand event for the preschool education industry-the 11th Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition 2017 CIPE (Wuhan Station) is ready to go, waiting for your arrival! Exhibition consultation: 0371-60272790 Official website: www.ouyakids. com
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