On how to grasp the timing of gift giving: starting from the 'soft underbelly'

by:Ennas      2022-02-13

There is a saying that opportunities arise at any time, and he only provides them to those who are always ready. Grasp the opportunity and you are not far from success. Don't wait for the good things like pie falling from the sky. Only your own efforts are the most true and reliable. If you want to grasp the timing of giving business gifts, you must understand the cultural background of the business gifts, carefully analyze the environment of the recipient you are going to give gifts, and pay attention to the occurrence of dynamic events at any time. Seize the ideal timing. Under normal circumstances, a fixed holiday is a good time to give business gifts. Because of these fixed reasons and good wishes, many people will not have resistance and will not turn away the blessings of health and happiness. . If you are giving gifts to a large company, you must understand the company’s founding background, the most important commemorative date, and firmly grasp the various company dynamics that may become your business partners in the future. Sending a memorable business gift on the day of commemoration will definitely promote your future cooperation to be more friendly. If it is a gift from a company to an individual, it is necessary to understand the person's living environment and his interpersonal relationship, and start from the softest place to truly occupy his field and leave a deeper impression.  Smart people must have smart choices and the ability to judge things in advance, so that they can better grasp those potential customers. Use a sincere business gift to touch your customers in details and bring more room for development to your business.
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