Oita Asia statuettes show will be held in Japan in CangWenFu memorial figurines home works was awarded the first prize

by:Ennas      2020-06-04
Core tip: his Mr Van gogh, pine coloring on October 8th, the 13th oita statuettes show in Asia will toward CangWenFu in Japanese oita county memorial hall, the central academy of fine arts figurine is to recognize his Mr Van gogh, pine coloring on October 8th, the 13th oita statuettes show in Asia will toward CangWenFu in Japanese oita county memorial hall, the central academy of fine arts figurines of master graduate student of his alen 'Mr Van gogh' and the artist's works 'fat Fried dough sticks' will show. In addition, as an Asian small statue of one of the most important exhibition platform, held every two years the major points of Asian statuettes show also names seven winning entries, small statue of his works won the first prize. The CangWenFu ( 1883 - 1964) Toward CangWenFu figurines, Japanese modern art history is an important figure, known as the 'Oriental' rodin, 1948 medal of Japanese culture, two daughters in warehouse and taken toward the warehouse ring are also famous artists. The CangWenFu work once many times in Japan's national large art exhibition and won the prize. Toward the CangWenFu works influenced by French famous statuette home rodin, give priority to with naturalistic realistically painted, established a small statue of Japanese modern style, in the aspect of education also made a great contribution. 1956 - During 1959, toward the CangWenFu as the first director of the academy. Set up have the warehouse in Tokyo, Japan figurine pavilion oita statuettes show in Asia was founded in 1992, by the Japanese oita county founded the dynasty CangWenFu memorial, aims to promote new, for the Asian figurines in fresh blood and vitality, become an important platform many Asian figurine artist budding. Oita figurines Asia exhibition for exhibitors author aged 50 years old the following, for the work style, is whether representational abstraction, but full of creativity. Alen fat Fried dough sticks, FRP 13th oita statuettes show Chinese artists work in Asia began in December 2015, February 17, 2016, the first intern work pictures. In from China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries of 411 pictures, China has 9 pieces by the intern. On July 9 to in Japan in the initial 66 original administrator sig gissler, a total of 23 works in the exhibition. China artist association since 1998, the 4th Asia statuettes show big points up the cooperation with the exhibition organizing committee, responsible for the territory of China to participate in the exhibition works, pre-trial work of collecting and works more than a decade accumulated recommended more than two hundred small statue of the contestant. Oita statuettes show Asia awards 2016 works a total of seven parts, the Chinese artists association recommended works, figurines from China central academy of fine arts is a graduate student of his 'Mr Van gogh' won the first prize. Work in not from plastic objects under the premise of spiritual essence, efforts to find small portrait statue 'shape' and 'spirit likeness' balance. Member of Chinese artists association of alen 'fat Fried dough sticks' is also one of the entries. It is understood that the 13th oita figurines exhibition will show at the king's CangWenFu memorial to Asia on November 27. Exhibition during guest vote for the selected works of 23, the highest votes works will be awarded the 'feng after yoko award'.
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