O2O toy leasing is gaining momentum, small industries can also make big fortunes

by:Ennas      2021-11-06
When all entrepreneurs who pay attention to O2O focus on the beauty industry, retail, travel, fresh food and other major industries, and burn money to become platform users, often some small industries are finding another way and making a fortune. Toy leasing is one of them, focusing on the subdivision under the vertical maternal and child market. The model of renting and exchanging toys as the starting point is very strong!   Hundreds of billions of market demand toy O2O ushering in a true blue ocean How big is China’s toy market? According to the market According to data from the survey company Euromonitor, China’s toy retail sales reached 74.4 billion yuan in 2014 alone, and by 2017, this number will exceed 100 billion yuan. In addition to the large market, the consumer group is also very objective. As of 2013, the main consumer group of toys under the age of 14 in the Mainland has reached 220 million. Combined with the current situation of liberalization of second children in various places, 2 million babies will be born every year and become a potential consumer group. This does not include the 50 billion adult toy market per year, and foreign experience has proven that the development and sales of toys for adults is already a global trend, and China, which is in the wave of globalization, is no exception. Invigorate idle toys and seek profit points from rental replacement. According to statistics, most toys have a life cycle of less than half a year, and the phenomenon of idleness and abandonment is serious. Toy rental is to spot this part of the huge idle resources and revitalize them through the popular e-commerce model. In order to seek profit points. And many parents also face this problem, that is, the high-priced toys at home will wait for a period of time for their children to stop playing. On the other hand, some parents are discouraged when they buy toys because of the high prices. The O2O model of toy leasing is designed to connect the two and describe the maximum utilization of toys.   In foreign countries, toy rental has become very popular. In Canada, in order to prevent solid pollution from discarded toys, the government even stipulates that toy rental points must be opened in the community. A toy rental O2O company called Pley has received tens of millions of investment from Allegro Venture Partners. On the one hand, they buy toys by themselves, and at the same time organize people to collect them, put them on their e-commerce platform after cleaning and disinfection, and mark the source and time of the toys. According to different toy grades, the price is also divided into 15 US dollars/month, 25 US dollars/month and 39 US dollars/month according to different toy categories, which is the choice of families with different consumption abilities.  Domestic toy leasing is still blank. Family marketing is the entry point.    In contrast, domestic toy leasing e-commerce is still in its infancy. Oh, goose is considered the first batch of testers in the industry. The model is similar to Pley. In the early stage, I purchased a batch of toys by myself, and then collected all kinds of toys from the society, re-cleaned, packaged, and disinfected and sold them on the e-commerce platform. Different from the toy rental points in foreign communities, domestic entrepreneurs use platform purchases, and the offline delivery model is not just a simple delivery. When certain toys are delivered, there will be a kindergarten teacher background. Of girls come to the door to explain to the children and interact with the children. Toys are not only cold appliances, but also a carrier that drives children's fun.  Future toy leasing O2O is not only about who has a complete range of products, but also has a low price. More should start with the atmosphere, such as whether the delivery staff can be dressed up as cartoons, whether children and parents can interact with each other during the toy rental process, and whether children’s toys can be used as an entry point to gradually expand adult toys. Rental market. The essence of O2O is not so much to open up online and offline, as it is to open up the relationship between people and arouse true feelings with humanity!    Large investment returns, slow future profit models are a pain point in any business model in the adult market, toy leasing is an investment For businesses with large profits and slow returns, for example, the current best-selling electric toys are generally around 70-80 yuan, and some are even as high as 700-800 yuan. According to the survey data, the initial purchase cost of more than 2,000 toys on the platform has reached more than 1 million for more than 300 kinds of toys. Although the activity for 15 days at 5 yuan in the early stage can attract a large number of parents, the profitability in the later stage has to be increased. The number of users and the formation of scale do not include the cost of category updates for old toys. For the start-up team, this part of the financial pressure is still very large.   After all, a toy is just a tool, and only relying on leasing can only be regarded as a small business, not an Internet e-commerce. The core of the Internet lies in connection, and the ultimate profitability of toy leasing can be based on this tool to open up the entire maternal and infant industry. In the early stage, leasing was the entry point. In the mid-term, the main goal is to enter the community and focus on the toy recycling business. On the one hand, it expands customers and saves costs on the other. The final goal in the later stage is to use toys in the carrier, cooperate with infant education institutions, create situational games, and form a small community between children and children. At the same time, parents will be brought in to further expand the adult toy market.  Toy leasing can hit the market's pain points, in addition to grasping the core characteristics of the sharing economy, connecting, sharing, and win-win. A lot of Chengdu lies in its business model that meets the real needs of people and can thoroughly study people's needs, and luck will not be bad.
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