Nursing Baoying Children's Phone Toys Comes with a lot of ways to play hamsters

by:Ennas      2022-01-28
Prepare a fun phone toy for your baby. On the one hand, it can satisfy the child's idea of u200bu200bplaying with a mobile phone. On the other hand, it can also exercise the child's hand-eye coordination and parent-child relationship training! Parenting Baoying children's telephone toy, with its own hamster function, has many ways to play, so that children can play differently every day. The cute and interesting shape makes babies love to have a phone, they can recognize numbers, there are a lot of early childhood stories, and they can be dragged away, and they can talk with one click. Very cute. Each button has its own idea. 31 buttons, 11 functions, select suitable early education content for babies' cognitive needs. It is entertaining and entertaining. The baby can learn multiple highlights easily. With more skills and no pressure, the baby can relax and learn while playing, and parents can be more worry-free. The function analysis is clear at a glance. Each function introduction, with detailed explanations, is easy to play, and bid farewell to the complicated instructions on the paper, which is clear at a glance and more trouble-free. A set of toys, multiple play methods, a coaxing artifact with multiple play methods, can meet the different needs of children.
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