Nuosa Children's Rocking Horse Upgraded Silent Wheel, Silent Noise Reduction, Let Baby Play More Fun

by:Ennas      2022-01-29
Children have started to imitate adults since they were 2 years old, are full of curiosity about everything around them, and become more convenient in their actions. After that, you can basically understand some simple things and pictures, the things you read, animals, vehicles, things, fruits, etc. The baby's language is developing, and the vocabulary is increasing. At this stage, the baby's balance ability and coordination is not enough, the choice of toys should be considered and selected from this aspect. The NOSA children’s rocking horse is made of environmentally friendly PP and PE materials, which are safe and secure, and are careful in details, and love to take care of them. The plastic gasket can effectively isolate the contact between the horse body and the screws, so that the rocking horse can withstand greater weight. Cooperate with widening and enlarging the bottom plate, increasing the friction area on the ground, pitching forward and backward, can exercise the baby's balance ability, can also protect the baby from falling forward and backward, allowing the baby to exercise grasping and climbing during playing The abilities of, kicking, pedaling, shaking, etc. allow babies to laugh freely and play more happily. NOSA children's rocking horse double protection PROTECTION, the front and back swing will not turn over. Compared with the general rocking horse toys, the rabbit rocking horse is safer. The front and rear double protection makes mothers feel at ease about the safety of the baby. And there is also a BB machine and a music story machine that will sound at the touch of a button, more than 40 melodious music + 12 English words + 5 animal sounds + 12 children's songs + 0-9 digital learning + multiple instrument sounds, not only for exercise The baby's sense of touch and hearing can also make the baby play non-stop. At the same time, Nuosa children’s rocking horse also adds a rotating guardrail. The guardrail rotates 180° and turns into a push cart. The baby can hold the guardrail and push the rocking horse to play, and add several times to widen the flashing wheel, and just slide. Lights up to increase your baby's interest in playing. When passing at night, the flashing reminds passing vehicles and pedestrians to avoid and ensure safety. With natural toner, it has moderate brightness and color saturation, and the color is balanced and does not contain heavy metals. Ordinary toner contains compounds that are harmful to human health and are harmful to the baby's safety. In addition, if you need detailed information or consultation, you can click on the investment promotion area below to enter the brand and product details page to learn more!
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