Numerous technology products hit the ground at the London Toy Fair

by:Ennas      2021-11-27

International Online Report (Reporter Yao Yanxia): On the 21st local time, the annual London Toy Fair opened in London, the British capital. Affected by the downturn in the toy market last year, this year, major toy manufacturers have launched numerous technological products coincidentally to save the downward trend in the toy market. The exhibition attracted more than 280 exhibitors from all over the world and presented a splendid toy feast to the public.   Right now, children’s bedrooms may still be piled up with a lot of toys that they received at Christmas. However, at this year's London Toy Fair, major toy manufacturers launched many new products early to attract the attention of big and small friends. The bubble gun should be regarded as a kind of traditional toy. It is most suitable for creating a dreamy atmosphere on various festivals. The cute shape and wonderful music are deeply loved by children; if you want to poke fun during the celebrations by the way, then this A tricky game that sprays cream on the face will be more humorous. Remember those four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who loved Italian pies? Today, they also came to the exhibition site. I saw them shuttle between the buildings with their respective weapons in a head-on confrontation with the evil forces. The classic image of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles also allows those middle-aged older children to relive the good times of the year.  To attract more consumers' attention, toy manufacturers have launched many high-tech products this year. For example, a small aircraft, which is only 4.5 cm in length and can be operated by remote control, has been selected as the best new toy at this year's toy fair. The size of this aircraft is small, if you want to fly smoothly, you also need to carefully control the player. Thomas, the regional manager of Revell Toys, said: 'Whether you can fly smoothly and avoid falling depends on the ability of the pilot. If you are a skilled pilot, you will let the plane fly freely in the air, and whether it can land safely depends entirely on the ability of the pilot. Because of your ability to control the aircraft.'   For girls, Lottie may be the best choice to pass the lonely time. This beautiful doll not only has a cute face and long eyelashes, but the most attractive thing about her is that she can interact and talk to the players. Speaking of the creative inspiration of dolls, Lucy, the creative director of Akru Toys, told us: 'Nowadays, it is generally believed that women can do more. They should not be limited to 'pink' or ' Shining Liang' and other worlds with prejudices, so we will try to make some breakthroughs in this toy. 'Speaking of which, I believe everyone has an understanding of this year's toy fashion trends. The head of the London Toy Fair, Roland Earle, is optimistic about the toy market in 2014 after analyzing the downturn in the industry last year. Roland said: 'Our staff conducted a market survey of the children. The content included their different views on existing products and their expectations for the design of new products. I think creative toys can better cater to this market. In this year, you will see more novel and creative new toys launched.'
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