'Not only' portrait of the British royal portrait annual exhibition for _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-10-15
Core tip: Li Xiangqun works not only award-winning British articles: heilongjiang daily 2011 - 05 - 20 08:33:02 heilongjiang daily 19 - ( Reporter Yang Ningshu) Small heilongjiang national famous sculptor carving Li Xiangqun Li Xiangqun works not only award-winning British articles: heilongjiang daily 2011 - 05 - 20 08:33:02 heilongjiang daily 19 - ( Reporter Yang Ningshu) Heilongjiang national famous sculptor Li Xiangqun small sculpture 'wei' in the May 16 solstice on May 21, held in London during the annual session of the royal portrait exhibition FACE2011 48, by the British royal society of small sculpture and the famous British art broker Philip Mould rated as the best portrait small sculptures, the exhibition and won the award of Frederick kerry ( Freakley奖) , 2500 pounds. Li Xiangqun also became the prize established artists won this award for the first in Asia. According to introducing, the annual royal portrait the annual exhibition held by the British royal society of small sculpture, the exhibition is the only one small representational realism sculpture field international exhibitions, sought after by artists from all over the world, the competition is fierce. Rodin, France, Italy, progenitor of international small sculpture master have taken part in the exhibition. Li Xiangqun the tsinghua university academy of fine arts professor, professor xu beihong art school of Shanghai, Beijing municipal people's congress, the Chinese artist association, deputy director of small sculpture writer, little Chinese sculptor committee, director of the royal small sculpture association member, zero museum of art director and so on. In 2005, he first joined the royal portrait of annual exhibition of the new artist. He won the 2011 best portrait small sculptures of the year award, is the only the highest award the prize. From the royal small sculpture association officials and judges that Li Xiangqun works have world-class small sculptor artistic level. Li Xiangqun says, bust works not only is he for Mrs. Statue at the end of 2010, because of his wife's familiar with and understand, composition, played very well. Not only accurately grasp the wife not only personal temperament and image characteristics, and embodies the consistent since the 'pursuit of freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting in the realistic' style of art. Li Xiangqun is representational realism small sculptures of leaders in China, his works basic skills, and there is no lack of innovation spirit. His small portrait sculpture, the form structure and require special anatomical structure is rigorous, the character's facial features processing is easily, thus formed its distinctive artistic style. Li Xiangqun says he will face more public, rather than a coterie of art works, because the public is the ultimate municipality of art, each individual in the face of art has a different interpretation. He hopes that artists don't addicted to the circle of the individual, but as the human society more responsibility. ( Edit: her)
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