Not in reality - 'Youth figurines 2009 invitational exhibition'

by:Ennas      2020-06-13
Core tip: like this, take the text to illustrate the visual actually is not a wise choice. Text as a result of human thinking logic and recapitulate the expansion force entirely from the 'figure like this passage, take the text to illustrate the visual is actually not a wise choice. Text as a result of human thinking logic and recapitulate the expansion force entirely from for the imagination of 'figure'. It's back to a question of the original art, imagination and artistic relationship between how much? As a kind of inner deep at the end of the world and the construction of emotion, imagination is the reality and the departure of the bun. Her subconscious and subjective force of collusion is physiology, which makes the imagine, in a sense can not completely equal to create and illusion. In the miracle of artists to create art and fabric under the condition of visional effect can prove their imagination. Once, imagine is the charm of art is all about, whether it is on the top of the gods of Olympus, grievances, or the story of the legendary touching scene, is the crystallization of the artistic imagination. Because art can in the real situation to create a 'unrealistic reality' makes artists particularly by people admired and respected. Today's artists to treat art often 'eye' rather than 'want to', as in scientific research, creation is almost equal to the social life material yield process, imagine blocked for rich integrity romantic and colorful lallation. But when we look at the art can't to universal attention, because this is one way to look at the world of independent art. To participate in the exhibition of 27 young sculptor works did not respond strongly to changes in the life around, they are good feelings will not easily to the phenomenon and argue without thinking. This makes their state of mind is not obsessed with the so-called 'the present' or 'real', also never is not desire. In their full self absorbed meditation and comprehension, in through precipitation in the form of self work of his own soul. Under the calm and you can see the reality of the body they bear and endure. This is a kind of the attitude of the Chinese 'fix' rather than the concept of 'government'. It is their 'repair' to let them feel the need to build your own thoughts, sublimate their own spirit, not in reality.
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