No amount of fun toys are as attractive to a baby as a smiling face

by:Ennas      2021-12-18

Watching pictures of beautiful babies during pregnancy can make the baby in the womb feel happy. You must know that a woman is born with motherhood. During pregnancy, when a mother sees a pleasant face, she will be sincerely happy. This kind of joy will affect the child in the abdomen and give him a certain sense of satisfaction. Babies who grow up in a self-satisfied environment will be happier than babies of the same age after birth.   When a baby is born, it will respond to light, but its eyes are not fully developed, its visual structure and optic nerve are immature, and its vision is only 1/30 of that of an adult.   Newborns like light, even though they don’t like strong light. When awake, if newborns are brought to a window that is not exposed to direct sunlight, they will be attracted by the light.   As the baby grows up, the distance his eyes can see is getting farther and farther, and the visual information he receives becomes more and more abundant. The artistic atmosphere of the home and the harmonious collocation of accessories will have a subtle influence on the growth of the baby. Scientists have done an interesting experiment. They showed a group of children 3 flat faces of the same size: the first one is a very standard face with a pink background and the face is drawn with black lines; the second and the first It's almost the same, but there are obvious wrinkles and a sad expression on the face; the look of the third face is similar to the first, except that there is a small black spot on one side. The age of the tested child is about 6 months. The results show that all children like to look at standard faces, and they are far from interested in wrinkled faces. But what they don’t like most is to look at faces with dark spots. This shows that after the baby is 6 months old, Have a certain aesthetic ability.   I have an Australian friend named Amy, and she adopted a half-year-old Chinese girl. When she first arrived in Australia, the little girl was like a frightened kitten, crying constantly.   Amy suddenly remembered that her husband worked at the Australian Embassy in China for half a year more than 20 years ago. When she came back, she brought a lot of white rabbit toffee and a New Year's calendar. With a clever idea, she ran to the old garage and turned out a wall calendar from 1990, which was already yellowed, on which were 12 naive Chinese babies. The baby on the wall calendar looks at most two years old. Most of them are wearing red cotton-padded jackets, or are toddlers, or are posing in a POSE (posture) on a flying pigeon car.   These pictures of soil that looked outdated were hung in the nursery like a treasure by Amy, turning one page every day to show the little daughter a new baby. It didn't take long for the little girl to really stop crying. When she woke up every day, she quietly looked at the pictures on the wall with her pacifier in her mouth, and she showed a knowing smile while watching.   Many mothers believe that looking at pictures of beautiful babies during pregnancy can make their babies feel happy. In fact, this makes sense.   Women are born with motherhood. During pregnancy, when a mother sees a lovely face, she will be sincerely happy. This kind of joy will affect the child in the womb and make him feel satisfied. Studies have found that fetuses who grow up in joy rarely cry excessively after birth.   When the baby is 6 months old, the visual impact cannot be ignored. A half-year-old baby already has aesthetic ability. Letting him see beautiful pictures of babies of the same age will surely arouse his joy. In addition, the baby also has a special interest in the mother's face. Try to keep a soft expression in front of the baby, which is of great benefit to the baby's character development.   TIPS:    No matter how interesting a toy is, it is not as attractive to a baby as a smiling face. Smiling more to your baby will greatly enhance his inner satisfaction, and it will also be of great benefit to the shaping of emotional intelligence.   When traveling with the whole family, the baby is likely to feel uneasy and fearful because of being in an unfamiliar environment. The best way to calm your baby is to bring some pictures of the baby with you and let him look through it before going to bed. In this way, he can feel that he is not alone, besides his parents, he has a beautiful little partner beside him.  --This article is excerpted from the book 'Infant Language' authorized by Beijing Huizhi Boda Books and Audiovisual Co., Ltd.
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